The Challenge

Our client had a bold vision: to create a learning community that would set new standards in broker education. They aimed to revolutionise the mortgage broking industry by providing an unparalleled learning experience. The primary challenge was that they had hundreds of broker businesses under its wing, and these brokers needed effective training in processes, systems, and best practices. The existing inefficiencies, system errors, and delays were not only costing the organisation but also affecting their clients' bottom line.

Our approach

Transforming Resources: We took the client's existing process guides and transformed them into engaging, interactive modules. These modules went beyond theory; they introduced real-life scenarios and assessments that allowed new-to-industry brokers and CSM's to practice for real-world loan applications. With Articulate Rise, we created a dynamic learning environment that bridged the gap between theory and practice.

User-Friendly Platform: To house "Brokerversity," we built a user-friendly platform using WordPress. This choice was intentional; we wanted our client to have full control over the site and modules, empowering them to manage the learning community independently.

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Tools we used
Client testimonial

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