The Challenge

Our goal was to transform our client's Safeguarding Training courses into snappy and engaging modules that would stick in learner's heads🧠.

The existing modules had the following issues: 

  • Outdated Format: The old-school training style just wasn't cutting it anymore. It didn't jive with how people like to learn today, which led to snooze-fests and, frankly, pretty poor retention rates. 😴
  • Relevance: Not all the content was directly relevant to what learners needed for their jobs. This made them about as excited as watching paint dry. 🙄
  • Info Overload: The courses were longer than a Marvel movie (3-4 hours to complete!) and packed with more info than you'd find in a library. This resulted in learners checking out mentally, and the knowledge? Poof, gone. 📚
Our approach

Content Surgery: We teamed up with some smarty-pants Subject Matter Experts and went through the content with a fine-tooth comb. This helped us figure out what was super important and what was just, well, fluff. 🤓

Slimmed-Down Content: We transformed those marathon courses into bite-sized 20-minute modules, focusing only on the juicy, essential bits. This made learning not only easier but way more fun. 🍰

Visual Pizzazz: We spiced things up with cool animated videos using VYOND. The result? A visually stimulating experience that made complex stuff seem like a piece of cake. 🎉

Interactivity Galore: We tossed in some interactive features using Articulate Rise. Quizzes, scenarios, and all that jazz. It made learners want to get involved, actually understand things, and remember them too. 🎮

Client-Friendly Tools: Our solution was built with tools that let our clients be the masters of their domain. After we were done, they could edit and manage the content however they pleased. Talk about owning their digital training world! 💼

take a peek
Tools we used
Client testimonial

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