Transform your workforce through Immersive, Interactive, Live Training Experiences Designed for Lasting Impact.

Without being held hostage by "too school for school" providers forcing you to run the training their way or selling you cookie cutter generic programs that simply don't deliver the results your team deserves. 

The world of External Training Solutions is BROKEN

Training providers are NOT providing your team the experience they deserve! 

It's a big deal to pay for external training providers to come into your organisation and deliver training. We don't think they are operating in your best interests and respecting the time and budgets of you and your team.

Cookie Cutter Programs

Here's out program, we will put your logo on it and then deliver you the exact same thing we delivered for your competition. Take it or leave it. 

Limited Engagement and Interactivity

Talk fests, no activites, no way for the learners to participate in the learning, old out dated methods. All contributing to the belief that training is not necessary.

Inflexible Program Structure

Our limits are 15, you have 16 people, we will need to charge you double and run this over two days. Or this is the program you can't customise it or add extra parts to it. 

Training is a serious investment and it should be treated that way by your training providers. 

Our Approach

We are experts at diagnosing training needs, building custom, outcome focused training solutions and we are the most flexible provider in the market, meaning when you invest in your team and people with us, you will experience a tangible and meaningful impact. 

  • Diagnose the training need & goals
  • Understand the audience and their needs
  • Build a custom, company-focussed program
  • Deliver something engaging and interactive that is outcome focused
  • Follow up and review post training
  • Come back and reinforce the implementation of the learning.


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Learn Awesome Learning

What makes us Unique

We do training different. 

Your house or ours? 

We are able to run training programs on site, off site, online, on zoom, on MS teams or even create a virtual world for your team to come and play in. 

Built for you, not us!

Cookie cutter programs get cookie cutter results. To have real meaning and relevance we build programs with your company in mind. Examples, case studies and scenarios that your team face.

Live, hybrid or digital? 

Live facilitation is where it all started for us, but we are a full suite digital learning agency. Allowing us to offer our clients a multi modal, rich learning experience that lives on, well after the session is complete?

Your brand or ours?

If you need us to come in and represent your organisation DONE! If you want to show your team, you're investing in external providers DONE! There may be times and projects that required either approach. We will wear whatever hat you need us to. 

Corporate Learning Concierge 

Not sure what you're looking for or need from a training perspective? Let us come in and help / support you through the discovery phase. We are experts in learning / capability diagnosis and have been doing it successfully for 15+ years. After discovery we can recommend and help you build your training curriculum. 

World class facilitators

Our facilitators are some of the best in the business. What this means for you is your organisation and team are going to be taken on an adventure of engagement, interactivity and collaboration that will have a meaningful and measurable impact. 

Some of the cool cats we have worked with

We are lucky to work with and have delivered some really cool programs for amazing companies and teams. 

Our program buckets

AKA the areas we rock at, meaning you and your team will get a learning experience that won't be forgotten! We have buckets because our programs we deliver are based on your specific needs. During our discovery process we will help you identify exactly what you need and then build a program from our buckets that best suits.

Leadership & Capability

Helping current and emerging leaders build and develop the skills they need to lead their teams in the new era of working. 

We can put together a program specifically targeted at the needs of your leaders. 

Not sure what they need? That's why we do a needs analysis as part of our engagement with you.

Communication & Presentation

The ability to commnicate and present your value to the world is one of the only skills that AI can't take from us. 

Being able to clearly articulate and present with confidence and conviction is a non negotiable. 

From phone communication, to meeting presentations, pitch prep and more, we have some super interactive programs in this space, ready to be custom built for you.

Corporate Life Skills

If only it was as simple as, come in, do your job and go home. Instead there are so many corporate life skills that your team need to have. Resilience, empathy, diversity and inclusion etc. etc. 

There is also a lot of push from the government to make sure you as a company are seen to be supporting your employees. 

We can help put something together that will develop corporate EQ whilst addressing these important topics. 

Customer Experience

Now more than ever the quest to win the hearts and minds of the customer is a battle of who can show they care the most. 

Training your team on how to create WOW experiences for your customers and clients can transform your company for the better. 

From customer journey mapping to customer service strategies we have the ability to create programs that will turn your customers into raving fans.

Team Dynamics

Rome wasn't built in a day and your organisation cannot work without a well oil and high functioning team. 

Being able to have your team working well together, be able to collaborate, share ideas but maintain their own identity is the recipe to success. 

We can deliver personality and strength assessments, goal setting workshops, team building programs- whatever is needed to get your team working more effectively together. 

Compliance & Regulatory

This is a wonderful part of our world and history. Compliance and Reg is never pretty but it doesn't have to be boring or ugly.

We have delivered everything from Best Interest Duty, through to Code of Conduct and Bullying and Harassment. 

It's a careful balance between covering the right material but in the right way. Let us build and deliver something that will be spoken about for all the right reasons. 

Get the training your team deserves today.

see what others have to say

You're in good company

We wish we found about about Learn Awesome Training services sooner. After being asked to search for a provider for a communications and leadership program I was shocked at how restrictive training providers could be. 

I met with Steve and fell in love with the Learn Awesome process. They actually spent the time to diagnose the problem and help us build a training program we actually needed. 

The delivery of the session was amazing. High energy, really engaging and connected with each of the learners. The team liked how the session used real examples we face in our business. 

Julie // Team Leader, Financial Services

Learn Awesome Training is an absolute breath of fresh air for the professional development space. 

We were working with a big name provider and needed to add 1-2 extra participants last minute. They wanted to charge us 3k for this. 

I spoke with Steve and it was no problem and the agenda was amended and our extra team members were able to attend.  i

It's so nice to work with a company like Learn Awesome who wants to build a partnership not just a one time transactional relationship. 

Plus their content and delivery style is the best we've experienced.

Tim // People and Culture, Manufacturing.

The process and approach this company takes is how every provider should be doing it. 

We engaged Learn Awesome Training initially for a team dynamics training session. Most providers would come in quote it, deliver it and done. But Steve and the team came in and did a needs analysis and learner interviews. 

Turns out the team dynamics were pretty good, they felt like they couldn't communicate effectively. Thankfully this was uncovered, they the designed a really engaging program and delivered something the team really loved. 

At the end of the program they reviewed it with us and then came back out to check in on the team a month later. Amazing experience. 

Pauline // Executive Director, Bio Tech

Customers served! 0 +   Learners worlds rocked! 


Let's chat about your training needs- the right way!