Attention all new to industry ID's, Learning Designer or those looking for real experience.

Our Mentoring Program gives you 

REAL experience, with a REAL client and you build a REAL project in 4 weeks!

Even if you have never built a eLearning project before, don't have any authoring tools or previous experience. 

Struggling to break into the world of Learning Design? We get it.

Hey there 🌟

So, you've got this grand plan to jump into the buzzing world of Instructional/Learning Design, right?

 You've done your homework, maybe even built a snazzy website and whipped up some cool portfolio pieces.

But, oh boy, breaking into this industry feels like trying to crack open a coconut with your bare hands! 🥥

It gets worse...

We get it, it's like being stuck in a never-ending loop of job hunting where everyone wants experience but no one is willing to give you a shot to gain some. It's frustrating, right? 😤

You land an interview, and bam! They hit you with the "real-world experience" card.

Your portfolio is cool, but it's not enough to dazzle the hiring honchos who've seen it all.

How on earth do you get experience without a job? 

Here are the things you're probably doing.. 

  1. You build your own projects and you call them "passion projects." These are a great start but they have one problem. You're wearing all the hats. You're the project manager, the designer, the client, the SME's the learner. So you're not getting REAL experience.

  2. You join a program and they get you to build a program from a list of programs that aren't for real clients. You work your face off and you get feedback from your peers and instructors. Most of the time they'll tell you what you want to hear and it's not REAL CLIENT FEEDBACK. 

  3. You get frustrated and annoyed, thinking there is no way you can get a start in this industry and start to doubt yourself and your ability.

There's another way!

Enter LAMP- The Learn Awesome Mentoring Program - your golden ticket to breaking this cycle of doom and gloom! 🎫

We're here to give you a leg up, a real chance to strut your stuff on actual projects with real clients. It's like a backstage pass to the industry, where you get to roll up your sleeves and show 'em what you're made of.

With us, you're not just building a portfolio; you're building a rock-solid foundation of hands-on experience that will make employers sit up and take notice.

We're talking real skills, the kind that only come from getting down and dirty in the trenches. 💪

Our program provides you with the things that matter and make all the difference in your interview and applications for jobs: 

  1. Real Experience - this is a real project, you come and work for Learn Awesome and one of our Not for Profit Clients.

  2. Real Client- This is not a make believe program or project it's a real client who needs your design expertise. 

  3. Real feedback- You get real feedback from the client and from Learn Awesome, which allows you to become battle tested and proven. 

  4. Real endorsement- At the end of the program you have a real project that's live in the world to share, and you get an endorsement from Learn Awesome as evidence and reference that you have the skills.


What's included:

4 weeks of support 

The program has a deadline. It's 4 weeks. This is important because you are working on a real project for a real client. 

Access to Authoring tools

We know that they are expensive. We have partnered with Chameleon and they will sponsor you with tool access, as well as leveraging Learn Awesome's tool set and free trials. 

4 stage structure 

To ensure you don't get lost and stay on track each week of the program is broken into a set stage. Planning, Design, Built, Review/Launch. This keeps you on track and prevents failure

Interview and job Advice

Each week you learn skills and apply knowledge. These are key examples and anecdotes that demonstrate your experience. We will show you how to tie that in to your interviews. 

Ongoing review and feedback

Each week you will attend a group check in call to go over any questions and receive review and video feedback on your work. 

A community of LAMPS

the LAMP community is 15-20 strong now and all of the LAMP alumni have secured jobs and are kicking butt. You can bounce ideas, ask questions and seek feedback.

Your investment...

Simplest, fastest and most effective flexible move


For those on a budget

  • 4 week program
  • Self directed
  • Build a project from the project pool
  • Community Access
  • Able to sit in on the weekly group calls and limited Q&A (upgrade available)
  • Ability to submit your completed project to LSA for consideration.
  • Bonus: 30 day extended Chameleon free trial.

We want to make LAMP available and accessible to anyone and everyone. So we have levels of LAMP. The main difference is the amount of time you get to spend with Learn Awesome and Steve. 



Perfect for those wanting to make an impact.

  • 4 week progressive program
  • Weekly group catch up and collaboration session
  • Your own unique project to build for LSA
  • Dedicated SLACK group, channel and direct messaging
  • Work as part of the Learn Awesome team.
  • LAMP Miro-verse with heaps of stored resources and useful links and tools
  • Get access to Learn Awesome tools (storyline, genially, canva, chameleon)
  • Launch the program on LSA's site
  • Get an endorsement from LSA and Learn Awesome
  • Be able to list experience on CV/Resume for interviews
  • Have Steve as a reference on your CV/Resume
  • BONUS: 12 month subscription to CHAMELEON CREATOR ($1200 value)

Next Steps


Choose your LAMP

Choose either Premium or Free LAMP, complete payment and initial registration.


Complete enrolment details 

Once payment is done, you will be emailed links to some forms to complete. You'll be able to start right away and receive all your access to content, your brief and resources over the coming days.


Start your journey

Free LAMP you can start any time and you're responsible for completing the project in 4 weeks. Premium LAMP your official journey kicks off on the first Monday after you sign up. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We get it, you have plenty of questions. Here are the most common ones we get asked. 
If you have other specific questions you can reach out to us at: hello(at), or enter your info into the chat widget on this page. 

Are you giving me a job? 

This is a mentorship program. The program is designed to give you real client experience to help you demonstrate that experience during the application and interview stage

Why are you charging money for this? 

We are taking our time and our tools to help you get set up for success. This is the cost to us for that time. We aren't here to make 1000's of dollars off you like some of the more extensive programs, but this amount means we are working with people who are also committed to developing real-world project skills.

How much time will I have to commit to this? 

On average, this will be 3-5 hours per week, depending on your project and how you want to build it out. The key here is that we are flexible to work in around the world, but the total time you can spend building this is kept to 4 weeks. This is an actual deadline. Of course if you want to hang out with us for longer than you need to, you're more than welcome to.

How much support do I receive? 

A lot. Haha... You get added to a dedicated slack channel where you can ask questions of me or anyone else in the program. We have a group kick-off call a weekly group Q&A as well as individual catch-ups based on your specific project. It would be the same as if you were one of our designers within the Learn Awesome Agency.

What' the deal with Learn Awesome and LSA? 

Life Skill Academy is a project made up of a few different people committed to giving out high-quality, digital life skill education to the world for free. Learn Awesome has partnered with them to donate our learning services to their business. Learn Awesome makes zero money from Life Skill Academy and your work on the program and Life Skill Academy give it away to the world.

What type of project will I be working on?

Life Skill Academy have provided us with a list of topics and programs they would like created. You can pick something that aligns with your values or areas of interest. In terms of the format, this will be agreed and discussed with Learn Awesome in the kick off meeting. In terms of tools and style of learning, we will discuss and plan this out together.

I don't have access to any cool tools

No problem. Between some cleverly used free trials as well as having access to Learn Awesome suite of tools, you'll be in a great position to be able to create something RAD!

Will Learn Awesome offer me a job after LAMP?

We are always looking for new designers for projects and we are always being asked by companies if we know of or can recommend any designers for project work or longer-term contracts. Being part of this program will give you easy access to any of these opportunities that may come about during the course of the year.

Imagine this... 

It's 4-6 weeks into the future

Imagine it's a few months from now. You're not just someone with a dream anymore; you're a professional with proven experience.

You've completed a real project, for a real client. It's on their website for the world to see. No fluff, just solid, tangible proof of what you can do. 📈

Picture walking into an interview, not with nerves, but with a quiet confidence that comes from real, hands-on experience.

You know your worth, and you're ready to demonstrate it, no holds barred. You've earned endorsements that matter, that speak of your dedication and hard work. 🛠️

Now, think about the moment your phone rings with the call you've been waiting for.

It's not just a job offer; it's a recognition of your skills, a testament to your journey from aspiring to accomplished.

You've carved a place for yourself in the industry, a place where your expertise isn't just welcomed, it's needed. 📞

With LAMP, this isn't a far-fetched dream. It's a clear, achievable path. A journey from aspiration to realisation, guided by real-world experience and solid mentorship. Our LAMP program has a 90+% success rate from LAMP- job. 

Step up with us, and let's make this vision your reality. 🚀