We build, host and help you run engaging, interactive and educational live digital events.

Harness the power, reach and flexibility that digital events can give you. The Events Lab is here to help you, regardless of what stage you're at!

Who do we help?

You are a business and want to run an in house event for your team or clients, that ROCKS

Way to go! Events Lab can absolutely help you with this. There are so many benefits to well run virtual events and it all starts with having a chat and showing your what's possible. We will understand exactly what you're trying to achieve and then work with you to design the best experience possible

You have a killer live event but want to run a virtual event as well

Nothing beats a good old fashioned face to face event. But you can add virtual events into the mix as either stand alone of complementary to your face to face event strategy. This will allow you to expand your reach and take the pressure off your attendees from a logistics perspective. 

We can work with you to determine the best way to deliver the event as well as make sure the experience is just as good if not better! 

You want to run an digital expo like nothing your world has ever seen before

You have a network and you have an idea for an expo or conference and want to make it rock beyond anything ever seen before. This is our jam! Not only can we create an incredible space for your expo we can help you with expo strategy, sponsor relations, registration, event day activity and post event review. 

Best thing to do? Book in to have a chat with us. 

You have some ideas but you're not sure what to do next

Happens to the best of us.. But fear not, this is why you surround yourself with cool people who can help. Long story short.. Book in for a chat with us and let us kick the can around with you and see what we can come up with. Chances are it will be magical. 

Then we can point you in the right direction and connect you with our crew, useful resources and or other cool cats in our world to assist. 

You're a small-medium business wanting to start running digital events to educate your tribe

Digital events are infinitely scalable and give you incredible reach. If you are a business that sells your knowledge, you should be running digital events. The challenge sometimes is a combination of not knowing how and or not knowing what's possible. 

Let's catch up for a chat and we can brainstorm some ideas about how to make this rock for you!

You currently run digital events but not getting amazing feedback or results from them

Congrats on running them in the first place. This is a massive step in the right direction. You are an expert at a lot of things but there was never an expectation that you would be a master of digital events right out of the gate. 

We can help by reviewing your current structure and layout and then recommend some improvements that can be made. We have a "Pimp my Zoom" program that could absolutely help you in crushing your next event.

You're an association, membership organisation, community group, Not For Profit and want to team up!

So cool! This is something we do if there is a good fit for all parties. We can provide our spaces for your next event as well as our expertise and resources to create engaging and interactive components that will be remembered for years to come.

Key considerations for Digital Events

The things we think about...

Zoom is a static environment

Zoom by itself is static, meaning unless you're engaging and interacting beyond chat and using the breakout rooms cause they are there, it's a one way street. There are so many features and functions within zoom itself to help you with this. 

What is the desired outcome of the event?

Every event, training session or workshop needs to be outcome orientated. By the end of the event what do you want your audience to KNOW, DO and FEEL. You should also answer this for before and during the event too.

Are you just talking at your audience?

You don't just have to talk at your audience to make them listen to you. How can you involve them in the event or session, even if it's recorded. What can you be getting them to do and learn as you are unpacking content and ideas. 

How are the audience participating?

Participation is so important in the virtual space. It's already removed from real life, being in a room together so you have to work extra hard to make it work. What tools and techniques and questions are you asking to get the audience to participate.

How are you making your event accessible?

Digital events and trainings are a brilliant place for all individuals to come and learn or meet new people. How are you ensuring your event is accessible to all walks of life? How are you ensuring that the experienced given to the audience is shared and equally available to all participants?

How are you giving everyone a voice?

Not all people want to unmute themselves or have their cameras on to share their ideas. But that's how 90% of zoom interaction goes these days.  How else can you be giving your participants a voice without the pressure of speaking up or being on show.

What tools and tech are you using to help?

There are some amazing pieces of technology out there to help you run more engaging and interactive virtual events. The challenge is knowing which ones are effective and which ones are just shiny new toys that don't really make much of an impact. 

What choice are you offering?

In a live event, the participant has a lot of choice. They can move around, they can enter different rooms when they want to and they ultimately can choose when and where they go in the event space. How can you apply this in your virtual world? 

How are you collecting feedback?

Do you have an automated process for collecting event feedback. This can be either during or post event or better yet, both. Hearing from your audience about what went well and what didn't will make your events better and better.

Are sponsors being set up for success?

Sponsors hate virtual events because it's super challenging for them to see ROI. How are you setting them up for success, how are you making sure they get value and enrich the event for your participants

Is there any pre and post event follow up?

These are perfect opportunities to go above and beyond and exceed expectations. What are you doing in the lead up to the event? How are you hyping up the group? What about post event? Is there something that makes them hungry for more.

Are you still reading?

Hahah.. pheeew.. what a mission. If you read all of these, book a virtual coffee and mention the codeword KAPOW! and we will give you 10% off any of our products or services. Just for being a legend!