How you can train your staff more effectively, increase employee satisfaction and reduce staff attrition. 

We exist to help your company get the most out of it's most valuable asset - your people. We will team up with your company to create engaging, interactive and educational training content that creates both meaningful & measurable outcomes. 

Services for Companies

This is how we can help your company...


Harness the power of Digital / On Demand Learning Solutions

There are so many benefits to building or improving your digital learning capability. This would be our bread and butter at Learn Awesome and we focus on making interactive, engaging and educational content, that's editable and creates meaningful results. 

Live / F2F Training

Stop settling for cookie cutter training programs from providers who don't care about your team. 

Learn Awesome Learning exists to provide you with custom designed training programs that are designed specifically to suit your needs and solve your problems. Our process will work with you to diagnose the training need and then work with you to design, deliver, review and reinforce the learning. We also are the most flexible training provider in the world.

Virtual Learning Dept

We become your internal Learning Team. For a fraction of the cost of a full time employee.

In order to scale your business you need to have a dedicated training resource. But if you're growing, it's tough to be able to do that. What if you could have all of Learn Awesome as your L&D team, on call and building all of your training needs. Now you can...

Done with you

Learning Design

Stop being held hostage by greedy learning design agencies and learn how to do it yourself. 

One of our main core values is "make it editable." This is exactly how we live that value. We will come into your organisation and work with your existing team and build capability or train up a new team so that your company can own your own learning destiny. 

LMS / Platform help

Choosing or changing platforms, the wrong way could cost you tens of thousands of dollars and make you miserable. 

LMS and learning platforms are everywhere. 100's of options all competing for your $$$ and all biased and working for their own interests. We can come in and help you find the best solution for your company and then work with you and the vendor to make sure it works, it fits and you get the best deal possible. 

Don't know where to start?

No worries, let's jump on a call and have a chat.

Learn Awesome's Values

There is a lot of corporate jargon out there, that's cool. But, it doesn't help you engage your team and ROCK their worlds with effective training solutions. 

We care about each and every client and we build training for the LEARNER.  If you want to hear more about this in detail click below to check out our "About" page. 

  • Ask "WHY" a lot - like... a LOT!  It's the only way for us to truly understand the needs of your program. 
  • Make it EDITABLE! We will never hold your content or training to ransom. If you want to edit it, we will built it on tools so you can.
  • Appreciate that simple can be and is effective and SEXY! We will not pitch you some hardcore complex solution. We will work with you to build something that works. Most of the time it's super simple.
  • Learner needs first, invoice payer's (a close) second. We are advocates for the learner. To truly make engaging learning that 
  • Working for our client's needs NOT learning awards! Everything we create and deliver is for the good of your staff and business. We don't deliberately build impossible and expensive stuff, so we can submit it to learning awards. We focus on how we can make sure what we create moves the needle for your business. 

Some of the cool cats we have done / are doing work for.

We aren't doing this to brag. Our mum's do enough of that for us. But this gives you an indication of some of the cool companies and organisations we get the privilege of playing with. 

Our Approach, cause it's important you know the steps we take when we work together.


It all starts here. We need to meet and have a chat about your specific needs and work out if you like us and are willing to take our relationship to the next level.

We get that different companies have different requirements at this stage so I could be one meeting or it could be a few.

What's important here is we will ask you a lot of questions and you can do the same to us. 

Custom Learning Path

Now we get to work. There is no point going straight to design, without a game plan. This could be short and sweet for smaller programs or a big deal for larger bodies of work. 

Either way, this must be done to ensure you are set up for success, know what will happen and know how we are going to deliver the outcomes you desire. 

At the end of the strategy we will present you with a scope of work, timeframe, approach and cost estimate. At that stage you can decide if you wish to proceed. The strategy is yours regardless. 

DIY, DFY or DWY options

Once the strategy is approved and agreed to, we can get to work with the design and build of the (insert project here). Depending on what it is and the format it's being delivered, that will determine what the design looks like at this stage. 

You will have a dedicated single point of contact throughout your program, access to our project tracking software and as direct access to your project manager. 

Your place or ours

This is where the project goes live. If it's an eLearn or digital training / consulting piece of work, then it will be handed over to you for launch. 

If it's a live or face-to-face training program, this will be the day where we deliver it to your team as agreed. 

Either way it's a really fun time. 

Become part of the Learn Awesome family

We are committed to making sure the programs we deliver and build are meaningful and measurable. At the end of each program we do a "post project review" which is a meeting with key stakeholders and we go through a reflection of the project, what went well, what could be improved and look at the data collected.