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We are Learn Awesome!

We exist to empower our clients to fall in love with learning and training. We are bold and we challenge the status quo. We ask why a lot and we build our programs for our learners, based on what they need to succeed.

We care so much about our clients so much so that we aim to teach them how to do what we do where ever possible. Our commitment is to empower our clients to be able to build their own learning if they wish and to use us when or if they need to. 

The story so far...

In 2005 our CEO Steve was sitting in a lecture at college and his professor was talking about how you can have maximum impact in an organisation. He said, "you can either be a CEO or in Learning and Development." At that time Steve chose Learning and Development. Little did he know he would soon become a CEO too, not that he uses the title. 

Starting his career as a face to face workshop facilitator, Steve got a reputation for engaging and impactful delivery. He started asking a lot of questions and always worked to deliver programs that would leave his audience in a better place than before they entered the room.

Soon after graduating college, Steve saw the shift and emergence of digital learning on the horizon and self taught himself how to build LMS platforms, create eLearning and fall in love with solving his clients problems. He also had developed a strong skillset in the commercialisation of knowledge which separated him from other purist learning designers.

Fast forward and Learn Awesome (previously Perfect Fit Consulting) was born and the real journey began.  Today we are proud to serve our corporate clients, our current and future thought leaders, course creators and mentor new to industry instructional designers. We are unapologetically authentic and real and genuine. We aren't here to create transactional relationships, we exist to partner with our clients organisations and empower them to harness the power of training and digital education.  We look forward to talking with you about your organisations needs.

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Meet Team Awesome!

The team that makes it all happen for our amazing clients. Unlike other agencies we have deliberately structured our agency in such a way that our designers are empowered to focus on what they love and excel at the most- design.

We also believe that the success of a project is won and lost in the project management and organisation of stakeholder relationships and subject matter experts. 

Steve and Laur work hand in hand with support from our "overwatch" Andy to be the conduit between our clients and our amazing design team. Paulie comes in to play when we need support from an intellectual property law perspective. 

Our team of amazing Learning Designers are the secret weapon of our Agency. We ensure our clients have one point of contact during their projects to ensure all resources are being used to their fullest potential. Keeping our amazing team of 6-10 designers away from the day to day running of Learn Awesome allows them to focus on what they do best- make amazing learning solutions.

The super crew...

CEO | Head of Learning

Steve Corney

Projects & Ops Manager

Laurice Ultra

Business Manager

Andy Rob

IP Adviser + Best Dressed

Paul Sugden

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Plus our team of awesome designers... 

We are an international team of awesome humans. We are creative, we challenge the status quo and we are able to collectively deliver amazing outcomes for our clients. 

Post covid we implemented a "work from anywhere in the world policy" which we love and are so lucky to be able to work where we want. This allows us to spread the Learn Awesome love to other countries whilst being able to have full geographical flexibility. 

Luckily we are only ever a short flight away from a face to face meeting, workshop or training session. But it makes for some really cool stories and case studies. 

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