Case Studies, Idea Central &
our Virtual Portfolio 💪🤓👋

We are so lucky to work with some amazing companies and individuals. When we take on a project, big or small, we are 10000% invested in the success. This section is dedicated to humble brags, low key flexes and showing you the way we create meaningful learning experiences that get results.

We use video walk throughs

You might be thinking.. "Hang on a minute.. why are all the case studies and examples videos and not just links to the projects?" It's a great observation and we do it for a reason.. but not the reason you might think!

We want you to fall in ❤️ with us as well

If you just play around in a project that we built, we think it just means you compare our design with everyone else's. But there are real people behind the design and this way you get to fall in love with us too. 

You get to see how we think

When we walk through a program we build we get to talk to you about the reasons we chose to do certain things. This shows you how we can think outside the box and how we are able to creatively solve problems. 

We highlight key things in the program for you

Another benefit of doing things this way is that if we think there is something cool to call out or if we think there is a different way something could be done at a key stage in the program, we highlight that for you so you don't miss anything.