Hi 👋 We help you digitise your knowledge, train your staff, create RAD training programs and educate your tribe.

We are pretty good at it too! Just ask our mums 🤓

Who are you

Apart from being really, really, really good looking.. You may fall into one or some or all of the below types of people we can help 🚣

You're a big business 🏛

Congrats on being a big fish! We love that. These are some of the things you might need that we can help you with: 

  • eLearning, face to face or hybrid training programs built for your employees
  • A platform to house and connect all of your training and learning programs
  • Building internal learning and training capability 
  • Build and develop a learning strategy for your company
  • You have regulatory or compliance training requirements to meet

You want to be a big business but struggle to scale 📈

Scaling to a big business can come with growing pains. We have found that being able to digitise and document your business knowledge is critical to being able to grow and expand your internal capability. This is what we can do for you:

  • Process and procedure digitisation
  • Staff training and staff development
  • Knowledge academies and knowledge retention
  • A place for all of this content to live
  • Staff onboarding programs
  • Content creation, video, audio, resources

You have staff who need training📚

Staff training and development is MASSIVE! Nothing shows your staff you care about them more than teaching them how to be better. Better at their job, better humans, better everything. We love coming in and working with you to plan, design, develop, (even deliver) RAD training to suit your needs

  • eLearning or online training programs
  • Face to face programs
  • Live zoom webinars
  • Blended/hybrid sessions
  • Flipped classrooms (buzz word for some theory online and then some practical application face to face/live)

You are worried that key people have all the knowledge 🤓

This is one of the coolest things but also one of the biggest potential traps you will face. You might have some awesome superstar team members who know how to do everything. Or that's you. Now while they are at work everything is golden... But what happens when they leave? Or when you can't go to work? What happens to all that knowledge? GONE!

  • We can help you plan for this
  • We can help you digitise yours and your teams knowledge
  • We can then integrate this into training and development to help you grow, scale and win!

You have knowledge to share 🧐

So you have some knowledge to share with the world. AMAZING! But you might not know where to start of what's the best way to share it with your tribe. We can help.

  • Planning and knowledge strategy about what you are going to share and how you will share it
  • Content creation and curation, design and development
  • Platform to host your content, not just one we get affiliate commission from but one that best suits your needs
  • Commercialisation of your knowledge, we can help set you up for success regardless of what stage you are at in the process

You have existing courses and want help 🔬

You have already done the hardest part.. Taking action and building something. Way to go!  You could have one course or you could have a whole library or curriculum. Maybe you're an educational based business and are looking for another set of eyes to give you some objective feedback and ways to improve:

  • Course review and analysis
  • Leaner engagement strategy
  • New course concepts or content repurposing

You need some training sessions run for you 🦄

This is where it all started for us. We are facilitators and trainers at heart and love love love running sessions for us or for our clients. Maybe you want to run some sessions that are full of engagement, energy and excitement, but don't have anyone inside your business who can do it. We can come in and represent your business and deliver some knock out sessions to your tribe or audience:

  • We run training sessions delivered to your clients 
  • Webinars or training videos recorded for your clients/team

(we can wear your brand or ours or both!)

You want to chat about making money from your knowledge 💸

Commercialising your knowledge is our jam. So you're a smart person and you have knowledge to share with the world. You've spent a long time becoming the master of this craft and you want to be paid for your efforts. We can work with you to help you design the perfect knowledge management plan and build and structure your knowledge in ways that will add the most value to your tribe but also maximise your earning potential. 

You're not sure where to host all your content 🏠

Where your content lives is super important. There are a lot of people out there who will push just one platform (cause they get commissions) We build custom as well as use over 50 third party platforms so we know what's out there and we will help you pick the one that best suits your needs:

  • Platform feasibility study (bunch of questions about your needs and wants)
  • Current platform review
  • Bespoke platform development (not cheap but we do it)
  • Offering to host your content on our RAD learning management system!

You don't know what you want... 🤷‍♀️

We barely know what we want for breakfast let alone what we want from our training and learning solutions. It's all good in the hood! We are here and we are super happy to have a 30 min chat with you to see if we can help you with your stuff!  We love meeting new and cool humans so worst case we will have some banter and maybe connect on LinkedIn ;) 

The order of operations

We have been around the sun a few times and understand that you will want to get started ASAP (we get it) It's key that you know how we roll and you know why we roll this way! It will get you the best results possible!

  1. 1
    Discovery (first date) 
    It all starts here for us (and you) We need to spend some time getting to know each other and asking lots of questions. This will help make sure we can rock your world and solve some of the challenges you are facing. 
  2. 2
    Strategy (game plan)
    Once we have fallen madly in love, we will take it to the next level and we will build out a strategy. This varies depending on what we find out in "discovery" but it's the overarching game plan, so that you have full strategic visibility of how what we do will fit in to the rest of your universe.
  3. 3
    Design/Develop (make sexy)
    Now we get to work and build something majestic 🦄 and amazing for you. Again depending on the size and the scope of the project will dictate the timeframe, but we will have regular check ins with you and keep you in the loop and along for the ride!

Some cool cats we have worked with

We don't want to brag, but we are total legends in our own lunch box! We have also worked with some pretty cool companies and clients and would love to add your logo here too!

Our guiding principles (corporate speak for "what makes us unique" 😂)

There are a lot of learning consultancies out there that will tell you everything you want to hear! They did a UDEMY course on NLP or other Voodoo and they are trying to build rapport by making you feel like they are your best mate! We have a very different way of rolling!  Some clients love what we do, some clients (well they don't become clients) don't align with our values.

We are so so so cool with that. We know we are amazing at what we do and if you think so to then we will work our faces off to create something RAD for your and your business!

Ask why a lot (like a lot!)

Why is cool question.. When we create stuff or are trying to understand a problem we ask why as many times as we can until we are SURE that your answer is the reason and/or the only way forward!

Dude is a term of endearment

Steve spent a lot of time racing canoes in California and Hawaii… dude is part of our company vocabulary.. If you get “duded” it means you ROCK!  Who's Steve? Oh yeah.. right.. we've made this page all about you.. I'm sure there will be some sort of About Us page around here somewhere.

Make it editable

We exist to help you, first and foremost.. Not to create something that you need to pay us to edit three times a week for the remainder of time on earth. Everything we make for you is editable and if it’s not we will teach you how.

Teach people how to fish wherever possible

What we do is not unique. We have done it for number of years, we are really good at it and we know how everything works… Wherever possible we will push for DIY or DWY (done with you) so we can teach you how to fish for yourself. We love reliance and you needing us.. but that doesn’t give us the right to hold you hostage for our knowledge.. EVER! 

Movie references and GIFs ALWAYS

Life is so freaking boring these days. We recognise that sometimes a bit of a fun injection is needed. We love movies and we love GIF's so if it's ok with you, we might insert a few into our relationship

Appreciate that simple can and is SEXY!

Over our collective years in L&D wonderland we have seen some of the most razzle dazzle, award winning learning solutions created! They are cool and so good for peoples reputation and street cred. 

That being said, we have seen powepoint decks with REAL content, from REAL people, telling REAL stories have some of the highest engagement and completion rates. 

If simple exists we will pitch it to you. But if you want crazy complex, we can do that too.

Learner first- invoice payer a close second

We would never bite the hand that feeds us but at the end of the day you're here cause you have a problem. You might not know exactly what it is but it's there. 

To solve the probelm we aren't always going to create stuff that you love.. but we will guarantee your end users will love it! 

That means you win! 

Open, honest, transparent ALWAYS

There is a very dark side to this consultancy stuff! Open ended agreements, locking you in to stuff you haven't even seen yet, the list goes on..

We have a staged approach to everything and you can hop off the ride at anytime, take and own all the work we have done and either finish it yourself or hand it off to other expert. 

We have regular touch points, set objectives and targets and manage expectations in an open, honest and transparent way! 

Otherwise what's the point?

Working for our client not for learning awards

We are part of an industry.. It's called the Learning and Development Industry. Now.. we like people and we like hanging out with our own kind. There comes a point though were we almost pass out from some of the self inflated egos out there.

These type of people pitch for your work, don't give a shit about you and will build something for the purpose of winning them an award that is voted for not by their clients but by their peers who are members of an industry club where they all collude together to make sure they rule supreme over everyone. 

It's a gross club. We prefer to be Ronin (Masterless Samurai) and focus on building stuff that ROCKS your world. We are proudly NON AWARD WINNING!

You: So how much does it cost? 

Us: That's a tricky question and a bit of a trap. That being said it's important that you know what you're getting into. Please note that we typically quote on a project by project basis. Reason is because a fixed price deal means we work with you until the job is done, it's in both of our interests for the project to succeed and we won't just sit there and burn hours cause we can! 

FAQ's (we know you got em)

Where are you based?

Amazing question and one we get a lot! We are everywhere... If you are cool working remotely with us (which we beleive is more effective)

When covid hit in March 2020 we made the choice to relocate to a remote river island in the Mid North Cost of NSW. There has been zero cases of covid there and it will stay that way. Mainly cause 9 people live here. We then took the chance to come back to Melbourne for a bit and soak up some of the iso and COVID love that we missed. 

We have clients in Aust, NZ, Japan, Finland and the USA.. We rock on Zoom and if you need us we are happy to travel.

WTF do you actually do.. Learning? Training? huh?

In the Learning industry there are a lot of people and companies that derive their value from how sexy their titles sound. So it started as INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNER (not sexy) then it moved to LEARNING DESIGNER (sexier) then some clever people added the word 'experience" to the mix to make LEARNING EXPERIENCE DESIGNER (LXD for short) then to make us sound smart we became LEARNING STRATEGISTS, EVANGELISTS, WANKERS! Whatever put bums on seats. 

At the end of the day we are client focused. you can call us whatever you want, but they key is that we won't baffle you with bullshit or pretend to be cooler than we actually are. You will typically have a problem you're trying to solve and maybe we can solve it through LEARNING. That is creating programs or pieces of work that helps bridge a knowledge gap for your people to help them do better at xyz.

Don't fall for cute titles go for the company that cuts the crap and focuses on delivering value 

But seriously WTF do you do ahaha?

We know right.. We do learning.  We promise this is not a cop out, but it's true. Let's break it down a little bit. Let's say you need to create a training program for your staff on topic XYZ. We would come in and help you plan it, scope it, decide the best way to deliver it then build it , test it and launch it. We can do all of this or some of it. 

When it comes to the type of learning, is it face to face, is it eLearning is it a mix of both, do your facilitators need training etc etc. 

Then it goes super deep. Like.. do we need to create some custom video or learning package, do you need a platform to host your learning on, do you need help with change management, record keeping and / or learner feedback. 

See.. it's a pretty crazy world but for us.. it all starts with a virtual coffee ☕️ ❤️😘🤓😎

Is this just a one person show pretending to be a much bigger "business?"

Haha, you've been burnt by this stuff before. Here's the thing. Steve is the Captain of Learn Awesome but he is not the only person on the ship.  Learn Awesome has been rocking and rolling for 10+ years (wasn't always called LA) The biggest our team has been is 12 but at any moment in time we have Steve plus 2 other legendary learning specialists. 

The beauty of our lean consultancy model is that it allows us to be nimble and scale up and down based on the workload we have at any given time.  What's key is that Steve will oversee everything and Project Manages every project we are working on. 
But Steve is not the best coder or designer in the world, so this is where the team come in to help. Add all this together and it makes Learn Awesome the perfect addition to your business smile 😀 We fit in really well! Just ask our mums 🤣 

How much does it cost to build a learning thinga-me-jig?

If anyone gives you an answer to this question without asking you at least 5 questions then you should run for the hills! We can't possibly know the answer to this question without first understanding your project, its scope, your timeframe and budget. Best thing to do is to book in for a virtual catch up and we can go through it there.

Note to future you!  Don't choose the cheapest option ✌️ you'll end up paying for it in the long run.

Do you take on contract work?

The answer is Yesssssssss 😏 and the emoji after it is for you not us. Steve and the team love taking on longe term projects, it's just a matter of if the price is right and if the fit is correct also. The best thing to do in this case is take a look at our rates for ongoing work and then if you're happy with that, reach out for a chat with Steve to scope out the gig and test fit. Who knows it might be love at first sight 😍🤓

Sometimes things are just better in real life!

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