Attention: Experts, Coaches, Consultants, Speakers and Thought Leaders...

Create and Capture everything you need to be seen as a professional speaker in ONE day on STAGE! 

Without needing have anything prepared, source a camera person, book a stage or know where to start. We take care of it all with you.

Does this sound familiar? 

You've got something incredible to say, a message that could change lives, spark innovation, or maybe even revolutionise an industry.

You feel it deep in your bones, this burning desire to stand on that stage and share your genius with the world.

But let's face it, the stage seems miles away, doesn't it? You're stuck in the "Who the heck are you?" zone, where speaking gigs are as elusive as unicorns and your inbox is a barren wasteland. 🦄

Oh, you've tried. You've Googled "How to become a keynote speaker," downloaded freebies that promised the moon, and maybe you've even cold-emailed a few event organisers. 

But what did you get? Crickets. Silence. Maybe even a polite "We'll keep your information on file" (translation: into the abyss you go). 🕳️

Imagine being passed over for someone less qualified, just because they have a slick speaking reel or a portfolio bursting with testimonials.

Frustrating, right? It's like showing up to a black-tie event in your best t-shirt—no matter how amazing you are, you're not getting through that door.

 You're screaming into a void, and it feels like you'll never break through. 😱

But what if you could? What if you could not only break through but kick that door wide open and strut in like you own the place? 🕺

Enter Keynote Camp.

In just three days—yes, you read that right, THREE days—you'll go from overlooked to,"wow, this person is the real deal."

We're talking a complete transformation here. You'll craft your killer keynote, assemble your irresistible speaking kit, and even film your own speaking reel.

And because we believe in real-world experience, you'll deliver your keynote live, get invaluable feedback, and leave with actual testimonials.

You'll walk away with every single asset you need to market yourself as a keynote speaker. 🌟

So, are you ready to stop shouting into the void and start speaking on the stage where you belong? 🎉

public service announcement... 

This is what the Speakers Agencies need before they will pay you 1 second of attention. 

If you don't have these things, you're simply wasting your time!


Professionally looking and structured Speaking Kit 


A clear, engaging and polished Speakers Reel


Endorsements, feedback and testimonials and credibility that you're the real deal.

That's interesting you say...  

What's covered during each session?

📅 Session 1: (ZOOM) Keynote structure, story & summaries

Session 1, we'll dive headfirst into the world of keynote creation. Ever wondered how the pros keep audiences hanging on their every word? We'll spill the secrets. You'll learn how to craft a compelling narrative that not only informs but also entertains. By the end of the session, you'll have the blueprint of a keynote that's so engaging, it'll be impossible for anyone to look away. 📖

📅 Session 2: (ZOOM) Speaking Kit, Reel, Personal Brand and Promotion 💼

Session 2 is all about packaging your brilliance into a speaking kit that screams "Book me now!" Forget generic resumes or bland portfolios; we're talking about a speaking kit that showcases your unique style and substance.

We then talk about the winning structure of a Speakers Reel, how you can build and amplify your personal brand along with promotional strategies for max exposure.. 🎥

📅 Session 3 (Live on stage) Deliver and Capture your Keynote on stage.

The third session is where the rubber meets the road. You'll step onto a real stage, under real lights, in front of a real audience. Nervous? Don't be. We've got your back every step of the way. 

You'll have a chance to deliver multiple bite sized chunks of your keynotes, change outfits and get all the footage you need.

And because testimonials are gold in the speaking world, we'll capture those too. You'll walk away not just with experience but with footage and testimonials that will make your future clients sit up and take notice. 🎙️

What You'll leave Keynote Camp with:

  • Built Speakers Kit ready to send to agencies
  • List of agencies to send to
  • Drafted Keynote Speech ready to practice
  • Promotional and marketing plan ready to implement
  • Professionally recorded footage of you delivering your keynote to a live audience
  • Recorded endorsements from live audience members
  • Headshots and speaking action photos to use on your profile.
  • Public Speaking feedback and access to "The Speaking Gym" to develop your speaking skills further
  • Templates and checklists for ongoing development
  • Access to Keynote Camp Community to hang with likeminded influencers

The steps in the Keynote Camp Process


Secure your spot. 

Book your spot and pay for access to Keynote Camp. This will get you access to our digital library of program content and you can book in to the next ZOOM sessions for PART 1 and PART 2.  Once you have completed the ZOOM sessions you are ready to book in to the next LIVE filming day in your capital city. 


Book your LIVE session

You book in to the LIVE session, get your bite sized presentations ready, bring a few costume changes and show up ready to shine. Our pro camera crew will mic you up and shoot you throughout the day to capture everything you need to build your speaking reel.


You get all your content

After the LIVE session, you get all your footage and we have a resource to show you how to edit it yourself into an engaging sizzle reel. We have got a great deal from our camera team if you want to engage them to build it for you. Then you're ready to reach out to the agencies with all of your content. 

 So what's the investment? 

Let's talk numbers for a second. The average keynote speaker earns around $5,000 per gig. That's right, just one hour on stage can net you a cool five grand. 🤑

We could easily justify that Keynote Camp and all of the resources, knowledge and assets that you get from us us worth at least $5k. 

Think about it. When you have finished with Keynote Camp you will have everything you need to be able to approach speaking agencies, clients and conferences to showcase yourself as a professional speaker.  EVERYTHING! 

But we are interested in making sure more people are able to get out there and spread their message to the world. With that in mind we aren't going to charge you $5k to attend keynote camp. 

Just the video footage and content alone would cost you $2-4k per day to hire a camera crew to shoot it for you. 

However, because we have teamed up with one of the best videographers in the game and managed to streamline all of this content into both ZOOM and LIVE sessions we are pleased to offer Keynote Camp at the limited fixed fee of $999

Before you balk at the price, consider this: with just one speaking gig, you could earn back your entire investment.

One gig, and you're in the green. 💵

What would having a polished and professional set of speaking assets do not only for your professional speaking career, but your business in general. It's no uncommon for people to add their Keynote Camp assets to their business pages and see increases in referrals or new business.

Plus the strategies we provide to build your personal brand and exposure will pay for the cost of the program over and over again.

But it's not just about the money.

It's about the confidence you'll gain, the clarity you'll achieve, and the doors that will swing wide open for you.

Imagine walking into any room, knowing you have the skills, the assets, and the experience to command attention and respect.

That's priceless. 🌟

So for less than the cost of what you could make in a single speaking engagement, you're getting the tools, training, and real-world experience to set you up for a lifetime of lucrative gigs and impactful speaking. 🎤

Are You Ready to Make an Investment in Your Future?

Don't miss this chance to get everything you need to market yourself as a keynote speaker in just three sessions.

Upcoming sessions: 

Keynote Camp ZOOM

Last zoom sessions for the year. 

Monday and Wednesday, 13 and 15 November 9am-12pm AEST


You missed out!

Keynote Camp 


One time payment

Need a payment plan? We got you! You can do 3 x $350. 

  • 2 x zoom workshops
  • 1 x Live presentation day
  • Templates, resources & tools
  • receive all filmed footage
  • Real feedback and endorsements
  • Supportive community of experts

Limited to 20 people. 

Imagine this... 

You've completed Keynote Camp and have all of the assets you need to promote yourself as a credible keynote speaker. You start to send out your kit and reels to speaking agencies and conference organisers. Instead of hearing crickets you get acknowledgement emails and comments on how professional and polished your material looks. 

The phone rings and you're asked if you have availability to speak at an upcoming conference on your topic of expertise. Now the reality of you getting paid to share your knowledge on stage is no longer a dream it's become a reality. 

None of this could happen without having all of the resources and assets that you created at Keynote Camp. The process was simple and straightforward and now you are well on the way to living the pro speaker life.