The Challenge

Our client approached us with a common problem – a training program that was overly long and filled with information that wasn't as effective as they had hoped for their staff. They recognised the need for a change and improvement in their departmental training processes.

Our approach

In tackling the challenge of simplifying a lengthy and overloaded training program, we adopted a collaborative approach that focused on making the content both impactful and meaningful for the learners. Here's how we did it:

  • Simplification Through Stripping Back: We started by carefully reviewing the existing training content. We removed any unnecessary information, jargon, or redundancies, ensuring that what remained was essential and easy to digest.

  • Build it on Chameleon: We designed the entire program on Chameleon, a user-friendly platform. This choice allows our client to edit and manage the program themselves in the future, without the need for extensive training. It's an easily learnable tool that ensures long-term adaptability.

  • Visual Storytelling:  We used imagery and icons consistently to engage learners and simplify complex concepts.

  • Branding Consistency: By incorporating the client's branding colors, we made the training visually appealing and aligned it with their brand identity.

  • Interactive Elements: We introduced a variety of interactive elements such as flip cards, accordions, sorting exercises, click-to-reveal content, and image hotspots. Chameleon's versatility allowed us to create dynamic and engaging learning experiences.

  • Topic Portals: We introduced topic portals for structured navigation, making it easy for learners to navigate the content and stay on track.

  • Assessment: To ensure the training's effectiveness, we introduced a single comprehensive assessment at the end of the program. This allowed us to gauge understanding and evaluate the overall impact in a more summative manner.

The Outcomes

The transformation of the training program delivered substantial outcomes:

  • Engagement Boost: The introduction of interactive elements was a game-changer. Staff found the training more engaging and interactive. 

  • Simplified Learning: Our approach to streamline content made complex topics much more understandable. Staff no longer had to wade through a sea of unnecessary information. 

  • Retention Improvement: Shifting to a single comprehensive assessment at the end of the program allowed us to measure knowledge retention accurately. We found that staff retained the training material better. This wasn't just about passing a test; it was about truly understanding and remembering the content.

  • Time and Cost Savings: The streamlined training program not only enhanced learning but also saved time. Staff completed the training more swiftly, which reduced downtime and, in turn, translated into cost savings for our client. Efficiency improved on multiple fronts.

  • High Staff Satisfaction: The visual makeover, consistent branding, and user-friendly topic portals received high praise from staff. Their feedback highlighted the improved quality of the training materials and how much easier it was to navigate.

  • Productivity Gains: The ultimate measure of success was increased productivity. Staff, armed with a better understanding of departmental processes, became more efficient at their tasks. It wasn't just about training; it was about translating that knowledge into tangible results for the client.

  • Empowered Client Editability: Building the entire program in Chameleon Creator was a strategic choice. This user-friendly tool not only enhanced the learning experience but also ensured that our client could easily edit the content themselves in the future, making the program sustainable and adaptable.

This transformation in training delivery achieved substantial benefits for our client.

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