The Challenge

Our Training Coach partner had a treasure trove of valuable resources and a reputation for outstanding in-person DISC personality courses. However, they were aware that the world was evolving, and learners needed the flexibility to access knowledge on their terms. The challenge was to translate their wealth of content into dynamic, engaging online courses while preserving the quality and depth of their traditional classes. They wanted to expand their reach and cater to the modern learner's needs.

Our approach

Digital DISC: Together, we embarked on a journey to create Digital DISC, a hub of online courses that breathed new life into their existing resources. We didn't just convert content; we transformed it into an interactive, engaging digital experience.

Unlocking Learning Everywhere: Our collaboration unlocked the potential of digital education. Learners now have the freedom to access these valuable insights whenever and wherever they want. It's learning at their convenience, on their terms.

The Magic of Vyond: To make it all come to life, we harnessed the creative power of Vyond to craft visually stunning and engaging modules. With animations and interactivity, we brought the content to life in a way that kept learners hooked.

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Tools we used
Client testimonial

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