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Webinars, Showcases & Learn on Demand!

Let us teach/show you some RAD stuff!

We do Webinars differently

They aren’t live!

They aren’t live- We want you to attend at a time convenient to you. It’s sometimes challenging to take an hour off on Tuesday when you already have you’re routine sorted. So why don’t we let you learn when you want to! 

We don’t pretend they are live!

Have you been on one of those webinars where the host pretends to talk to an imaginary live audience? They actually just have their mum dialed in.. not here! 

We provide practical skills wherever possible!

Don’t you hate it when you just get told how to do something.. You’re like “let me drive!!!!!” We get you in the driving seat, we already know how to drive. We do this by setting clear learning objectives at the start of each session. At the end we will revisit these objectives to ensure we hit the mark! 

We use the ‘Goldilocks’ principle for webinar design!

Not too big, not too small, JUST RIGHT. We aim for 30-45 mins max and this is of actual content.. Not a 15 minute intro about us, 5 mins of content and then a 25 minute pitch-fest with a value stack at the end. 

We will offer you something special at the end of each session!

We won’t take 25 minutes psychologically grooming you to buy it. If you want to work with us, or have questions at the end of the session you’re welcome to book a free discovery session.


Choose your own rad-venutre!

Cause life is far too short to consume stuff you don’t need.

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