Our Learning Mentoring gives you REAL experience, with a REAL client and able to build a REAL project in 4 weeks! 

Meet Steve, your Learning Mentor!

Real Project | Expert Mentorship | Real CV-able Experience

Sound Familiar?

You have years of experience in your (insert profession here) and you want to make a change to Instructional/Learning Design. Amazing!

So you start to research all of the jobs, read all of the selection criteria, learn a bunch of new technology. Even enrol in a program that teaches you learning tech, gets you to build your own website and create some mock portfolio pieces.

You're ready. You apply for a bucket load of jobs, and get very little. You finally get an interview and you're asked to demonstrate your ability to work with clients, SME's or internal stakeholders. But you haven't got that experience.

No matter how good your portfolio is or how much the hiring manager likes you, without battle tested skills in the industry, there is too much competition out there for them to over look this. So, have you thought about having a learning mentor?

That's why we created LAMP. As a solution to give aspiring ID's/LxD's the chance to work with our Agency, on real projects, for a real client and build skills that can only be built in the real world. Our mentoring for learning is so powerful and gives you real industry experience.

I look forward to helping you on your journey.

Learning Mentoring by Learn Awesome

The challenges with endless PD programs...

So you want to get into ID/LXD/LD/LS haha insert your chosen title here.. Super cool. So naturally you would go and join a program that teaches you how to use the tools and the process of designing learning... AMAZING! But when it comes to creating a portfolio time, you end up creating something for yourself which makes you the client, the stakeholders, the designer and the review committee. When it then comes to interview time, you might have something to show, but you will struggle to answer in depth questions, necessary to establish your level of experience. Consider learning mentoring with Learn Awesome!

Portfolio projects on passion areas are ineffective
You don't receive any testing of your skills with review and feedback from real clients
You leave the program with good skills but aren't able to anecdotally reference your experience in interviews

That's where LAMP is different- so different

On day one of the LAMP program you receive a brief from our client. This brief is a real brief for a real project that the client would like built. Then over the next 4 weeks you built it. You plan it, you design it, you develop it, you review it and you deliver it. And throughout the whole process, you have our mentor by your side.

By the end of the program you will have gone through the program creation process and be armed with anecdotal and situational references to inject into your interviews as well as key questions to ask the hiring manager to add years to your experience levels. 

Some action shots of LAMP

Learning mentoring

The LAMP Miro-verse

Lamp Weekly Mentoring

Our LAMP weekly hang out

Learning mentoring class

Nicole, Michelle, Marsha, Andreas, Charles and Lisa! LAMP, Sept 2022

How you can join LAMP...



  • 4 week program
  • Weekly email progress check-in
  • Weekly group catch up
  • Group slack channel and support
  • Ability to submit your project for consideration by LSA and review by LA



 Early bird price, normal price $999 USD 
  • 4 week progressive program
  • Weekly group catch up and collaboration session
  • Weekly 60 min meeting with Steve
  • Dedicated SLACK group, channel and direct messaging
  • LAMP Miro-verse with heaps of stored resources and useful links and tools
  • Work as part of the Learn Awesome team
  • Get access to Learn Awesome tools (storyline, genially, canva, chameleon)
  • Build a real learning project for a LAMP partner Life Skill Academy
  • Go through the entire planning, design, development and review process
  • Launch the program on LSA's site
  • Get an endorsement from LSA and Learn Awesome
  • Be able to list experience on CV/Resume for interviews
  • Have Steve as a reference on your CV/Resume
  • BONUS: 12 month subscription to CHAMELEON CREATOR ($1200 value)

Next steps... 

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress

Step 1.

Choose your LAMP (free or paid) above 

Pick which LAMP program you would like to apply for and click on the apply now button for the program you'd like to join.

Step 2.

Submit your application

Complete the application form and wait to receive and email response which will confirm your spot in the next intake and the start date. 

Step 3.

Accept and pay (if applicable) for your place in the next LAMP program

If you have been accepted into the FREE lamp you will receive an email with instructions and you will show up for the first session on the set date. If you are doing Paid LAMP then you would pay your invoice and you'll receive email instructions and meeting links for your 4 week experience.


Are you giving me a job? 

This is a mentorship program. The program is designed to give you real client experience to help you demonstrate that experience during the application and interview stage

Why are you charging money for this? 

We are taking our time and our tools to help you get set up for success. This is the cost to us for that time. We aren't here to make 1000's of dollars off you like some of the more extensive programs, but this amount means we are working with people who are also committed to developing real-world project skills.

How much time will I have to commit to this? 

On average, this will be 3-5 hours per week, depending on your project and how you want to build it out. The key here is that we are flexible to work in around the world, but the total time you can spend building this is kept to 4 weeks. This is an actual deadline. Of course if you want to hang out with us for longer than you need to, you're more than welcome to.

How much support do I receive? 

A lot. Haha... You get added to a dedicated slack channel where you can ask questions of me or anyone else in the program. We have a group kick-off call a weekly group Q&A as well as individual catch-ups based on your specific project. It would be the same as if you were one of our designers within the Learn Awesome Agency.

What' the deal with Learn Awesome and LSA? 

Life Skill Academy is a project made up of a few different people committed to giving out high-quality, digital life skill education to the world for free. Learn Awesome has partnered with them to donate our learning services to their business. Learn Awesome makes zero money from Life Skill Academy and your work on the program and Life Skill Academy give it away to the world.

What type of project will I be working on?

Life Skill Academy have provided us with a list of topics and programs they would like created. You can pick something that aligns with your values or areas of interest. In terms of the format, this will be agreed and discussed with Learn Awesome in the kick off meeting. In terms of tools and style of learning, we will discuss and plan this out together.

I don't have access to any cool tools

No problem. Between some cleverly used free trials as well as having access to Learn Awesome suite of tools, you'll be in a great position to be able to create something RAD!

Will Learn Awesome offer me a job after LAMP?

We are always looking for new designers for projects and we are always being asked by companies if we know of or can recommend any designers for project work or longer-term contracts. Being part of this program will give you easy access to any of these opportunities that may come about during the course of the year.