Hey legend! Glad you made it.. Here is your training 🤘

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Video 1: Umm and Err Elimination (Theory) 

  • Why we umm and err and what's your utterance? 
    Understand why this stuff happens. By understanding why we can work on fixing it. We will also identify what your utterance of choice is. 
  • What it does to your audience?
    What is the impact of umm's and err's and what does it do to the audience or the people you are communicating with.
  • Strategies to eliminate these things from your life FOREVER!
    We will show you some cool tips and tricks to get you umm and err free

Video 2: Umm and Err Exercism (like exercise) aka Hardcore Prac!

  • We will turn up the temperature on these utterances
    Best way to make you aware of them is to saturate you in them.. This is exactly what this exercise will do! 
  • Verbalise them over and over again
    Make sure you are by yourself in a place where you won't be disturbed. This will get loud and this will get a little crazy! But it will WORK! 
  • Oh... and special credit for some of our terrible text editing.. Spelling is not important when it comes to verbal communication.. That's why we aren't teaching you how to proof read perfectly ;)

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How was that? You know... this is just the tip of the ice berg right? 

Imagine being able to confidently stand up and present or communicate at the drop of a hat and know that "you're going to NAIL it!" That's exactly what our Speaker Muscle Training Program does for you. Guaranteed results in 10mins a day no matter how nervous or scared sh*tless you get! 

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