Finally a program that is GUARANTEED to improve your public speaking and communication skills  in 10 mins per day even if you'd rather die than speak to people!

Watch the video below to see how you can improve your communication/presentation skills and harness the true power well trained speaking and communication provides...

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Imagine, being able to present your authentic self, connect with people, win more business, build better relationships and live the life you're meant to. Speaking and communication skills are the gateway to this!

How many opportunities have passed you by because when asked, you have FAILED to communicate effectively?

Imagine this: You've dialled into a meeting, or you're about to go into an appointment or you're about to step on stage and you start to think to yourself. "My gosh I am soooo freaking nervous. I'm not good enough to speak to these people, why would they listen to me, I suck at speaking, I have nothing of value to add to this group, I'm not engaging, I suck and I am NEVER going to be any good at this! 

You then start comparing yourself to others in your circles and start to say things like.. Why can't I be as good as he is at speaking in front of people, oh they are just born with the gift of the gab, I can't ever be as good as them. Maybe I should just give up there is no point going any further. Oh well.. F*ck it!

Then it really starts to hurt because you aren't getting the same opportunities people are getting. You aren't winning any business from your pitches, you aren't connecting with people, you aren't able to even explain what your business does to someone without umming and errring and stuttering your way through it.

You go in for an interview for your dream job and get a thanks, but we aren't going with you this time. 

The kicker comes when you have a significant event in your life.. Maybe it's business maybe its a wedding or a funeral speech and you are unable to verbalise and communicate to your nearest and dearest.

After a while this starts to really hurt. All of this pain and all of these lost opportunities could be avoided if you were able to learn how to communicate and speak better and present the best version of yourself. What would that do to your confidence levels? They'd go through the roof and the flood gates of opportunity would open to you! 

You've seen ads and you have even taken public speaking or communication programs in the past.. You have worked hard to learn and rehearse and confront your nerves.. But nothing seems to work. You know the importance of being an awesome speaker/presenter but you have no idea what to do, what you're doing wrong and why these programs haven't worked....

The 3 problems with conventional  communication and public speaking training programs.. 

Here's the thing.  There are 100's of people and program out there (we have done a lot of them) where they are teaching you how to be a better communicator or public speaker. You may have done some of these courses and they promise the world, fill you with hope and then all of a sudden you wake up after the course and you haven't improved one bit. Or maybe you improve during the course but once it's done you lose all your progress. It's not your fault!

Problem #1 - The course focuses on THEORY

These programs help you set up the structure of your program, they teach you about the audience, they help you build a winning powerpoint presentation, but there is very little focus on getting you ACTUALLY speaking. Any speaking practice you end up doing, you're reading from a script and maybe you get to speak about a topic you like for 60 seconds in front of a group.. THIS DOESN'T make you better!

Problem #2 - They don't remove the inhibiting factors

When you are trying to learn to ride a bike, you put training wheels on. Why? So you don't crash. But also so you can not worry about crashing, and instead focus on learning the key aspects of bike riding. When it comes to speaking and communication, the audience and nerves will make you crash! But most courses will make you stand up and present to a group of people. As long as nerves and audience exist you will NEVER be able to focus on building your speaking strength.

Problem #3 - There is no focus on continued strength/development

Once the course is finished you might you will typically get this awesome bonus like "hey you get 12 months access to our online platform where you can watch videos of us talking about speaking theory. So you go and watch these videos and wonder why you're not getting any better. It would be the same as if you wanted to run a 10km/mile fun run.. But instead of actually running and getting fitter, instead you sit on the couch and watch people running on youtube. This type of programming DOESN'T help you get better at speaking. 

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What if there was a program that allowed you train public speaking in as little as 10 mins per day with GUARANTEED results? 

We aren't lying! We promise! But we would love to introduce you to a program that has made a lot of public speaking and communication course providers VERY VERY nervous! 

Introducing- Speaker Muscle Training

The Speaker Muscle Training Program is a fully online and immersive fitness program for your speaking muscles. It is NOTHING like any program you have ever done! Just like training your muscles in the gym, if you don't train each part of your speaking anatomy, when the time comes to speak, you won't be ready and you won't have the strength or endurance win! The program is available 24/7, online, on any device so you can complete your training at home, in the office, in the car.. where-ever you want!

3 reasons why this program the only one of its kind and the missing piece of your speaking/communication puzzle?

Reason #1 - It's nerve and audience FREE!

We know that you need to FOCUS on training key areas of your speaking anatomy. In order to do that there is NO AUDIENCE and NO NERVES! How? Our program is fully online and has been designed to be completed anywhere where you feel comfortable. Where the other programs make you present in front of people whilst trying to develop key skills, we take away the things that make you crash and allow you to get SUPER STRONG in the areas of speaking and communication that matter.

Reason #2- You can never outgrow the program. EVER!

The activities and exercises inside the Speaker Muscle Gym can be used by people at all levels. They are designed exactly as a personal trainer would design a program in the gym. The exercises don't change, but you can add more weight, increase intensity, decrease rest time to challenge yourself even more. Each activity can always be made more challenging and the more challenging we make them the stronger your speaking and communication becomes!

Reason #3- We guarantee it will work! 

When we first created this program, we did it because we really wanted something that would WORK! We were sick of attending programs and getting small improvements for a short period of time. Speaker Muscle Training is GUARANTEED to work. The program works because the way you get better at speaking and communication is to DO IT more often. Not think about theory, ACTUALLY SPEAK! The exercises and activities within the gym allow you to focus on key areas that YOU want to improve. All you gotta do is show up to training and follow the program.  It also helps that hundreds of students and a few pretty big companies have completed this program to date.  It worked for them and it will work for you! 

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

This is not your conventional program. You get access to the Speaker Muscle Gym which is a first of its kind activity filled arena where you can work without nerves or audience and FOCUS on strengthening key aspects of your speaking ANATOMY!

(Steve's) Lifetime Access to the Speaker Muscle Training GYM

You have unrestricted access to the SMT gym, all the activities, all the programming.. EVERYTHING! For as long as Steve pays the electricity bill. As you have seen below, you cannot OUTGROW this program. It will benefit and help you from this day forward! (plus we will keep adding new and cool stuff to it)

Access to the Private SMT Speaker Nation Community 

What's a program without a supportive community. Eventually you need to reintroduce an audience and nerves to test to see how your training is progressing. The Speaker Nation Community is here for that. You can ask questions, work together, help each other and share the adventures of better speaking and communication! 

(Steve's) Lifetime Access to the Private SMT Speaker Nation group coaching sessions

This is where the fun really happens! Bit of time to hang out with Steve, live and online. Here you can ask questions, learn new topics, revise existing concepts, try activities together and stay accountable. This is available to all SMT All Access Members! 

Specialised Speaker Muscle Training Programs to focus on key areas YOU need to to become super strong!

Instead of just wandering into the gym without a program, we have created a few programs to help get you started. This way you can hit the ground running and not be left wondering how to get started! 

Some of our happy Speaker Nation Members

We built this course back in 2012. Since then we have helped hundreds of people and companies strengthen their speaking muscles and become better speakers and communicators. It worked for them and it will work for you! 

A truly UNIQUE program that delivered RESULTS!

I had tried every public speaking and communication program out there. The theory of those programs were great but they lacked application and practical activities. SMT by Learn Awesome was so different to anything I had ever done.  Steve has a fun and non threatening delivery style that made me feel comfortable to give the activities a go.  Plus its completely online so no one heard or saw me make a fool of myself. Did it work? 110%!

Jane - Business Manager 

Total Game CHANGER!

The thought of speaking in public or having to pitch my business to people would be enough to make me physically sick. I watched the cute animated video and the pitch from Steve and knew this was going to be different to anything I have ever done. Just the way the course looks at speaking and communication is completely unique and game changing. Now I have lifetime access to a bunch of activities and exercises that I can use and practice daily and weekly to strengthen my speaking muscles. I recently got asked to speak at my old high school about my career and straight away I said YES! The presentation went so well they asked me back to do it again. Steve was a great help in some 1:1 coaching to help me structure that presentation.

Simon- Small Business Owner

I got the JOB!!!!!!!!!

I would like to think I am good at my job. But I found having to go into countless interviews that I was not getting hired. I was being overlooked because I was unable to articulate or communicate my value to the business effectively. Steve and his program allowed me to improve my communication skills and be more present when I communicate. This made me speak more clearly, with less umms and gave me the ability to present my best self. I have since secured a new job, got a big pay rise and that wouldn't have been possible without the activities I learned in this course.

Craig- (smart) Data Analyst

What's in the program? 

Most programs will give you all of these cute statistics and numbers about how many modules or hours of content you will get. That's not how the gym works! We have exercises and activities. When you enter the gym you can do your own workout or you can work through one of our specialised programs. These programs focus on key areas of your Speaker Muscle Anatomy... 


Your VOCAL VARIETY muscles

Vocal variety is like the colour or the flavour to your communication skills. We have all been in a position where someone has talked to us using mono-tone. It's BORING and people get disengaged very quickly. You will have access to some amazing activities including one of the Speaker Nation's fav's "These pretzels are making me thirsty!" and plenty more. 



Imagine not needing to worry about being heard in a crowded room and being able to project your voice without the need for a microphone. These are muscles that can be trained and we have a bunch of them in this module / area of the gym to help you.


Your OFF THE CUFF muscles

Do you know some people who have the gift of the gab? Do you wish you could just come up with things to say and sound like a well oiled machine or a seasoned presenter at the drop of a hat? This can be learned.. It's a big part of your speaking muscle anatomy and one of the hardest to train.. We have 10+ activities/exercises ready and waiting for you on this. This is one of the biggest game changers we see with our students.. Their ability to speak off the cuff and organically with zero prep. 


Your EYE-BRAIN-MOUTH connection muscles

Do you find yourself getting tongue tied and stumbling over some words or parts of your presentation or communication activities? Having well trained EYE-BRAIN-MOUTH connections is another key component to our program. By getting these muscles super strong and super charged in conjunction with the other areas will make you invincible and people will say to you, "how did you get so good at speaking?" 

And... because we genuinely want you to succeed we have included three bonuses to help you craft and build your presentations too!

We didn't want to stop at just full gym access. We know how challenging it can be to learn something new or to push yourself to turn a weakness into a strength. Steve and the team have put their heads together and want to include some pretty cool bonuses for those who sign up to the program.  

Bonus 1
Speaker Muscle Training "Speaker Theory" (our version) 

Value $1497

While our gym is what makes us unique, there is no escaping or arguing the importance of speaking theory to help you craft, build, plan, rehearse and all that other good stuff! 

We have our very own version of speaking theory that is delivered in true Speaker Muscle Training style! 

Bonus 2
Significant Speeches Program

Value $497

Speaker Muscle Training was one of two programs that Steve created for public speaking. Significant Speeches was created to help anyone deliver an amazing significant speech. 

This jam packed, follow along style course will take you from zero to standing ovation in no time! 

Bonus 3
2 x free tickets to the Speaking UN-Convention - digital conference

Value $997

Once every year we need to get together and see how far we have come as Speaker Nation. 

The Speaking UN-convention is the place for this to happen. Join Steve for a day of action packed sessions, live demos, brand new never before seen gym exercises and the opportunity to show off your training progress to the world! 

Over $3000 worth of bonuses! 

Meet your instructor
Steve Corney

Head of Awesome- Learn Awesome
Creator and Head of Fitness- Speaker Muscle Training

Steve is not your average human. If you wanted to find people who have stared adversity right in the face and pushed forward then Steve is your guy! 

Steve is the Head of Awesome @ Learn Awesome which is a learning consultancy, responsible for building some of the most engaging courses and programs for top companies around the world. 

Steve has also created Speaker Muscle Training and did so a a means of creating a training area so he could refine and enhance his own public speaking and communication skills. Fast forward a few years and you'll find Steve either on a real or digital stage somewhere, paddling his canoe, bodysurfing, working out or trawling the Speaker Nation community looking for other cool people to hang out with! 

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

"Steve is the real deal!" 

I have enrolled in a lot of courses and most of the time the instructor is no where to be seen. Speaker Muscle Training is the absolute opposite of this! 

Steve is sitting behind the curtain and when you email support, you're getting a response from Steve himself and he goes above and beyond to make sure his students are progressing and achieving their goals in the course! 

Make more courses so I can join them Steve! 

- Mark | Sales Professional 

"He just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich!" 

America is supposed to be the top dogs when it comes to course creation and public speaking programs. That was until I met "Aussie" Steve. 

I haven't laughed so much whilst achieving so much at the same time! This crazy aussie hasn't just built a course, he has managed to built a supportive and safe training environment where students can perfect their skills. 

I love the group calls cause if some of us "merican's" are on the call Steve will instantly make us feel right at home! Much love from Cali Steve!

-Paul | Insurance Broker (USA) 

"This course was built by someone who cares about his learners!"

From the hilarious welcome emails, through to the check ins, the group coaching sessions and the Q&A's.... you can tell that Steve and the SMT team genuinely care about their students. 

Not only do I feel comfortable, but Steve has shown me that I can speak clearly and take charge of the opportunities in my life. 

- Carly | Stay at home mum and Life coach

Think of all the opportunities that await you when you can communicate and speak with polish and purpose!

Here's the thing. Programs like this don't pop up very often How do we know? We built this one because we tried most of the programs out there (33 to be precise!) We have worked hard to pack this program with as much value and as much support and resources as possible to make you a better and stronger communicator! 

Big companies have paid Steve upwards of $2500 for a lunchtime keynote of Speaker Muscle Training. Maybe you've heard of one of them. They make aeroplanes! (so cool) 

 You could hang out with Steve and get some one on one presentation coaching at $500 per session and after 5 sessions you will be kicking butt cause getting strong at speaking and strengthening those muscles takes a bit of time.

Or you could do nothing and doing nothing has the biggest cost of all! How much would a 10% pay rise be worth to you? $5,000? $10,000, more? All that's standing in the way of you that, is you being able to present yourself as a person who is worth the extra money!

Join the Speaker Muscle Training Program today

Foundation membership one time payment just $597

We know Speaker Muscle Training will work for you. So now, there is absolutely ZERO risk...

100% Improvement Guarantee

We know the Speaker Muscle Training Program works. Why? Because it worked on us and it has helped so many people improve their speaking skills. That's why unlike all the other programs out there that offer a GUARANTEE as a marketing tool we offer it for real! If you don't see improvement in your speaking or you don't feel the SMT team have supported you to get better at speaking then shoot us an email anytime during the first 30 days of your training and we will refund your course fees 100% no questions!


30 day Money Back Guarantee

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say about this course

"I was so scared when I started but I'm so glad I joined!"

When I first joined the program, I had no confidence and was so scared of presenting in front of people. This course allowed me to train in secret, get really strong and then when I was ready, I could step out and show them all the progress I had made!  I still get nervous, but Steve and the community remind me that nerves are good, if used correctly! 

Jacinta- Team Lead Telco

"I went all in, and after 3 months I closed the biggest account of my life!"

I did Steve's umm and err elimination free training and I knew then.. if this guy could do this in less than 10 mins for me, imagine what he could do with a whole program. 

I had a lot of work to do, but I committed to the exercises and 3 months later I closed the biggest account of my life and I did it standing up presenting to my clients and I CRUSHED it! 

Robert - Business Coach/Consultant

"Pay rise baby! All thanks to some positive feedback from my presentation to the executive committee!"

Steve! I did it! I presented my annual report to the executive committee and I applied did the "mental warm up" before the meeting, I did the "audience analysis" when I was planning it. Plus all of the exercises to help me get better at vocal variety! 

I just got a call from my boss today and I got a pay rise and I am moving up the ladder!!!!!!

Theo | Finance Broker (now manager)

Let's recap what you're getting if you join the program today! 


(Steve's) Lifetime Access to the Speaker Muscle Training program (20+ exercises and programs) 


Access to PRIVATE Speaker Nation Community


(Steve's) Lifetime Access to Speaker Nation Private Group Coaching Calls


Specialised Speaker Muscle Training Programs to help you focus on getting SUPER strong! 


BONUS #1 - Speaker Muscle Training THEORY (our version)  


BONUS #2 - Lifetime access to our Significant Speeches Course (10 modules of magic) 


BONUS #3 - 2 x FREE TICKETS to the Speaking Un-Convention, Speaker Nation's digital conference!

A combined total value of over $5000

and you can get it all for $997 just $597 today

Join the Speaker Muscle Training Program today

Foundation membership one time payment just $597

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you teach public speaking online?

It's critical that we teach this program online first! Nerves and Audience are the main things that will stop you from improving. Like riding a bike. You put training wheels on so you don't have to worry about balance. Being able to complete the activities in a safe place means you can truly apply yourself without fear of judgement. Then when you're ready you can take the training wheels off and see how far you've come!

Unlike other programs it's not Theory! We include public speaking theory as a bonus. The core of the program is practical activities designed to strengthen key parts of your speaking anatomy! 

I'm a terrible public speaker will this course help me?

You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. This program is built for all levels. At the end of the day, you are in charge of how good you want to get. We have plenty of support and our Speaker Nation community is around to support you every step of the way! If you are just getting started then this course will absolutely help you!

I am already a good speaker will this course help me?

Congrats on being a good speaker that's awesome! Just like exercises in the gym you can always add more weight and increase intensity of the exercises! So yes 100%! We have trained professional speakers and they have been shocked at how challenging the gym was for them. 

How long do I get access to the course?

We say (Steve's) lifetime. The reason we say that is we can't say LIFETIME anymore. But as long as Steve pays the electricity bill the course will be alive. It's been going since 2012 so no signs of slowing down now! 

Do you offer a guarantee?

We offer a 30 day no questions guarantee! So if you don't feel that this program or our support has helped improve your public speaking/presenting skills then send us an email and we will refund 100% of your program fees! Zero risk! For you!

Does the course come with updates?

Absolutely! The course is always getting updated with new content and new information! You will get access to all of it! 

Before you go... 

Hey, I get it! Speaking and presenting is challenging. But getting good at it is so worth it. I remember thinking back to when I was scared shitless of speaking to people. I had zero confidence and as a result I was missing out on job opportunities, business opportunities and relationships.

That all changed when I started focusing on training my speaking muscles instead just hoping the other public speaking programs would help me! This program works and if you give it a go.. it will work for you too!  I cannot wait to hang out with you inside the Speaker Muscle Training Universe and help you present your polished but true, authentic self to the world! 

See you inside! 

Join the Speaker Muscle Training Program today

Foundation membership one time payment just $597