Project Details:

Client: Job Man
Date: Mid 2019
Rad Solution: Full current state analysis of content, Learning Strategy, Platform Feasibility, Platform Implementation, Content review, coaching and mentoring.
Tools: Moodle, Articulate RISE, LearnDash, WordPress, Hope and Dreams

It was a cool winter morning when Steve saw a post on a Business Facebook group asking some advice about learning stuff. Naturally, there were a bunch of replies (you’ve all been there) where people who kinda know about learning offer up their services without actually knowing anything about what Ben was looking for. Oh, Ben is the captain of JobMan. JobMan provides software for cabinet makers to help them run their business more effectively (man I love my job!)

I saw this and it was clear that Ben was an action taker and already knew some stuff. He mentioned Moodle and how they already had some existing content and how then needed some help and insight. Instead of trying to sell him something offered some advice and things to consider and offered up a catch up to chat further.

We then jumped on a 60 minute scope call and I did what I love doing and that’s asking lots of questions. I learned heaps and worked to understand Ben’s needs prior to trying to solve the problem. Long story short he was using moodle to house his client training docs but didn’t really know why moodle, but liked moodle cause it was an LMS oh and free (sound familiar)

What was important was that clients were able to log in and consume help and support content. That was first priority, next it was that it was simple to edit and maintain and third they needed to have control over it aka a self hosted solution. Moodle isn’t looking too bad. But it was important that I got to review the current content to make sure it was fit for purpose and doing the best it could to teach Ben’s clients how to use the software.

Next was a Current State Analysis, which allowed us to go away and review all of their content. During the entire process we created multiple hop on and off points. We would do the current state anlaysis and provide that to Ben and he could then decide what he would do with it. Within this was a series of recommendations and suggestions which he could implement himself or get us to help with.

We chose to deliver this in a unique manner. Via Articulate RISE. Ummm what! You did not Steve, Rise is a course authoring tool, you can’t use it to create proposals or non course stuff.

Well my friends you can.. And they were blown away, it was a fantastic way to represent this information in a clear and logical way. See for yourself:

As part of our analysis we looked at moodle and we wondered if it was all too much.. I mean Moodle is RAD and is like the cockroach of the LMS world.. it could survive a nuclear blast but we felt it was overkill for what Ben was using it for. So we recommended WordPress with LearnDash.. Easier to build, it’s on their website and it looks pretty sweet.

Part of our analysis identified that their learning content didn’t have clear learning objectives set and the content was very busy. Ben and Co were very open to this feedback and we showed them a sample of our version vs theirs and it was clear that with a bit of structure it made their content much more effective.

Not rocket science and we will give away the secret sauce.. The adjustment we made was as follows. At the start of each topic or lesson start with the following:

  • What is this lesson or topic
  • Why it important to know this
  • How do it do it

(That wasn’t all we did but that made a massive difference)

Ben and JobMan were ideal clients because they were open to learning and receiving feedback. They took our recommendations and implemented them with great success. We were there every step of the way to assist and support but it’s so amazing when our clients learn how to fish and want to go fishing for themselves.

What else did we do? I know I’m rambling..

  • Helped them set up LearnDash
  • Helped them bring their content across and set the site up
  • Helped them build out shells for their courses/topics
  • Coached their team on how to edit the LMS going forward
  • Tested and reviewed content
  • Let them loose into the big wide world.

Lastly one of the questions in your mind is LEARNDASH.. what’s that..

LearnDash is sort of an LMS but if you are going to lose sleep over the definition of an LMS we probably won’t be friends.. Cause in my opinion who cares what you call it. All we care about is that it is fit for purpose for our clients. Remember (there will be a test later) Ben wanted to self host his content, wanted it to be easy to create and consume content and needed really basic functions (he wasn’t using Moodle to its full potential.)

So we chose LearnDash.. which is a wordpress plugin and a course designer and creator with some basic record keeping functionality. Perfect choice for these legends. At the end of the day I challenge you to think about what you actually need from a LMS. Shock horror you might not even need one.. But even if you did, just because Mavis used moodle doesn’t mean you have to.

Before you get out your pitchforks and say Steve the layout and the images aren’t very pretty blah blah blah.. This is all the work of Ben and his crew and what I freaking love about this is that it’s simple, it’s clean and they built it, they know how to change it and they OWN it 100%.. oh and it works cause their clients love it.. That’s all that matters.

Moral of the story.. Ben and JobMan is one of our ideal clients.. They were so much fun to work with because the more we gave the more they consumed and the more they wanted.. Anyone can learn how to do learning and development, just need the right vehicle to do it.

So if your business has something where your clients need to learn how to use something, may require support documentation or help videos etc reach out and let’s have a chat 🙂

About the Author Steve

How do you write these things.. Univestity graduate, buys a gym, sells a gym to buy ice cream stores, paddled around the world in his 20's and has been in love with Learning and Development for 10+ years. Oh and he creates RAD Learning & Training solutions for his clients? Oh and he is a super amateur blacksmith, stock and options trader who loves bodysurfing. Hows that? If you want to work with Steve or just want to have a chat,, please reach out via LinkedIn or Learn Awesome :)

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