How to get the most out of this course

Hey Legends,

This section of the course simply outlines the key steps to getting the most out of this course and ending up with a significant speech that will blow minds and be cemented in speech history. We wanted to keep it simple and easy to apply, so rest assured if you watch all of the sessions, complete all of the activities and exercises then there is nothing that will stop you.

1. Complete each module in the order they appear in the course
– Watch the sessions
– Read the attached notes
– Complete the activities

2. Download the “Significant Speeches” Exercise Book

This book contains all of your exercises that you will be asked to complete throughout the course in one, easy to manage document. You can either print it off and write your speech down physically, or keep it in digital format and type until your hearts content.

3. Spend the time where it’s required. This doesn’t happen overnight (unless it has to 🙂 )

Some of the sections of the course, especially the planning stages will take more time than others to complete. The quality of your speech will be determined by how much time you spend in the planning stage and the rehearsal stage. Don’t be afraid to put your speech down, walk aways for a couple of days or weeks and then come back and keep building. If you don’t have that sort of time then your best bet is to set aside a decent chunk of distraction free time and get to work 🙂

4. Record your rehearsal wherever possible

Recording your speech and watching it back will be the most valuable thing you can do next to getting us to review your speech for you. It gives you a chance to see yourself from the audiences perspective and you can get an honest look at how your speech sounds and if what you think is funny will actually work on the big day! A smart phone, video camera, web cam- anything works perfectly here.

Keep smiling 🙂