Course Introduction

Team! It is with great pleasure and total excitement that we welcome you to the Significant Speeches Manual. If you are reading this then congratulations are in order! Why? Because if you are reading this you have a significant speech coming up and a special day on the horizon! TOTAL EXCITEMENT!

It’s also fantastic that you are committed to making your speech the best it possibly can be by seeking out our help! So well done and thank you!

The purpose of this manual is to take you through step by step each segment and section of your speech so by the end you will have achieved the following:

  • Understand your Significant Speech Obligations
  • Define the aim and purpose of your speech
  • Creation of a solid speech structure
  • Collecting and order your thoughts and ideas
  • Working out what you want to say and when
  • Making each segment of your speech amazing
  • Build confidence in the delivery
  • Reduce and harness the power of nerves
  • How to rock the microphone
  • Effective and Efficient rehearsal strategies
  • The best way to ensure your toast rocks
  • Injecting humour into your speech the right way
  • Most importantly work towards the creation and the delivery of your own knock out significant speech.

There are a couple of ways to use this manual, both are effective and both will ensure your Significant Speech ROCKS

  1. Stand alone
  2. In conjunction with our amazingly unreal video course

The videos will go into greater depth and context whilst referring back to this manual at every possible opportunity because this is where you will write/type/compile your speech.

How do you get the most out of this manual? Simple answer? Embrace the process, be honest with yourself, be daring and be willing to be vulnerable. There is something magical about wedding speeches. The room is already filled with bucket loads of love and emotion and by standing up there and enhancing that experience through the spoken word is worth getting excited about!Note that while we will offer lots of advice, both experiential and anecdotal we cannot stress enough the importance of writing your significant speech yourself. An occasion like this is so personal and so special that anything else would just miss the mark.
Well.. the time has come for us to get rocking..

So let’s do this..

Enjoy the ride!