Speak with Clarity, Conviction and Confidence in 10 mins per day

A great speaker holds the power of motivation and persuasion position them to make sales, nail those job interviews and improve their business and personal relationships over and over again.

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Only 10 mins a day for guaranteed results
You cannot out grow this program! It grows with you

The Recipe for public speaking success

How many times do you go to speak your mind only to get tongue tied by nerves?

Everyone is looking for a silver bullet, magic pill solution.

It doesn't exist.

What does exist is these 4 realities which the SMT Mini Membership provides:

If you want to be a better speaker you need to SPEAK! 

It's no good just being a reactive speaker. You need to speak more often to condition your speaking muscles to be strong always

You need to train without nerves and without and audience (SHOCK HORROR :P) 

Nerves and audience are inhibiting factors that will slow your progress. By removing them initially from your training you can focus on getting really STRONG. Then add them back when you're ready! 

You have to train all four aspects of your speaking anatomy to get REAL results

You need to be training all of your speaking muscles. You need to train VOCAL VARIETY, VOLUME CONTROL, OFF THE CUFF and EYE-BRAIN-MOUTH connection muscles. 

You need to follow a proven system of exercises and activities that WORK! 

You need to stop playing with perfecting your powerpoint presentation and focus on  

Sally Thompson

Wowee! I have always thought I needed to attend a face to face program to improve my speaking. If only I knew I could do it at home and in only a few mins each day. This program is fun, easy to work through and has improved my speaking out of this world! 

Rob Torres

Steve has created an amazingly clever program that works. I enrolled in the SMT Mini program when it was first released in 2012 and I still use the same exercises today. Not only does it work but it forces you to make speaking a priority just like other important aspects of your life. I am closing more business more confidently thanks to this. 

Mary Lamont 

As a content creator, I thought I just sucked at public speaking and that I was never going to be able to get better at it. Then I joined the SMT gym and through consistency and hard training I been receiving amazing feedback from my audience about how much my presentation skills have improved. 

Ross Sanderson

I have been in toastmasters for years. After one week in SMT Gym I got more improvement than all my time showing up to toastmasters sessions. The approach is unique and different and if you apply yourself it works! Plus it's only 7 bucks!  

Take a look inside the SMT mini membership!

Watch the video to come with me into the SMT universe and see why it's so easy to train your speaking muscles in less than 10 mins per day with improvement.. guaranteed! 

Why Learn From Steve?

A guy who's been there - Done that

“I'm sorry but we aren’t going to be able to offer you this position”

“I’d love to work with you but I just don't know how what you do fits with my business” 

“I do love you but I just don’t feel like we are communicating effectively” 

“Sorry Steve, we’d love you to run this workshop but I don’t think you have the confidence to really crush this like Mike does, maybe do some training and we can consider it next year”

“I would love to promote you Steve but you haven’t been clear about the value you bring to the business.” 

Just one of the above would be enough to make you think you were a piece of shit.

Except, this happened to me all in the space of about 3 months.

Everything I was doing or trying to do to show the world the value I could bring was being thrown back in my face.

As a young guy, of course, I didn’t look to try and understand what I could do better.
- I started to blame everyone else.
- I got angry.
- I got frustrated and I had 0 self worth and confidence. 

My boss finally gave me the advice to take a public speaking course.

Then another, and another and...you guessed it...another 30 more workshops, sessions, webinars and e-books.

I would show up and stand in front a group of people.

Scared shitless, feeling like I was going to be judged, stumbling and bumbling my way through everything. I would learn the theory, practice structuring my presentation and try again.

Fail after fail after fail.

Every course, every program focused on theory and did nothing to help me get better for the long term. Sure there were some cute tips and tricks but these were all short lived

I sat in my room trying to decide how I could tell my mum that I had failed and wasted her time, effort and money to send me to a good school and give me all the opportunities she could. 

It was at that moment where I hit rock bottom. Then I looked on my shelf and I saw.. “Cat in the hat” by Dr Seuss. I opened the book and read through it. I then read it out loud and started reading it fast and slow, high and low. Then it hit me. It was impossible to read this book without a positive and upbeat tone. What else could I do to improve? 

I went on YouTube(TM) and found a house walk through. I turned the sound off and tried to deliver the open for inspection as if I was the real estate agent, I got some tongue twisters from google and started improving my speaking agility.. And it was working. 

It was that night that Speaker Muscle Training was born! 

I realized that every other speaking program out there.. Make you stand up and deliver something.. With that you would be nervous and you would be fearful of the audience judging you. At no point could you actually improve or focus on a key part of speaking improvement. 

Speaker Muscle Training was different. It was 100% online it was 100% nerve and audience free  and it freakin' WORKED because of this. SMT also treats speaking training like other muscles in the gym. It takes consistency and it takes specific exercises and programs to get strong. 

A week later I went back to my boss at the time and asked if we could do my performance review again. He reluctantly agreed. I went in there feeling bulletproof (still nervous as hell but I felt like I was going to CRUSH the chat) and I did. I was able to speak clearly, I was able to engage and capture his attention. My pitch, tone and volume showed confidence and conviction and as a result my boss apologized about how he judged me and offered me a chance to run training sessions for the team and gave me a 5% pay rise for the time and effort I spend on developing myself.

Fast forward 10 years and I have spoken on stages with crowds of 1000’s, run workshops for Fortune 500 and ASX 200 companies. Coached professional speakers to improve their speaking and build Speaker Muscle Training into a revolutionary, life changing speaking and communication skill training program! 

What's included: 

SMT Mini Membership

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to the 4 x 10 min workouts I used to dramatically improve my speaking skills
  • Utterance Removal Therapy
  • Access to Speaker Nation, our FB community