Project Details:

Client: Local Real Estate Agency (doesn’t want to be published shhhhhh)
Date: July 2019
RAD Solution: Eliminate loss of knowledge in their business, make staff development employee-driven and build a digital mentoring platform to help build capacity and capability of new staff.

So Real Estate huh.. what an interesting beast of an industry and more importantly what an interesting business model. I couldn’t stand the sight of my face on one of those for sale boards. I think it wouldn’t do my clients any justice more a disservice. Anyway I digress. This agency isn’t top secret and when I asked to write about the amazing work we did for them they wanted to be kept unanimous. Which you have to respect. So… One day Jasper called me and told me of a problem his business was having. Now I don’t remember the words exactly but they went something like this..

“Steve, here’s the problem.. I have all these young guns in my business who want to be like me (director of the agency) but I don’t have the time to teach them cause I have to sell houses and put my face on the for sale boards etc. As a result I am finding that I am losing some of my top talent to other agencies and I need a way to keep them and teach them without taking up too much of time time.”

Jasper AKA he who shall not be named (Jasper is a pseudonom, 2019)

This is not an uncommon situation at all for so many businesses. The owner has built it up from nothing and now their team needs them to pass on the knowledge, but they don’t have time cause they are still working in the business cause without them the whole business is doomed.. (Dramatic enough?)

I asked a bunch more questions and found a good place to start. We worked out that the their property management arm of their business had the highest attrition and only one person held all of the key information and had to train new staff members every 4-6 weeks (average tenure of PM staff)

Steve… this is all well and good and we appreciate the insight into the real estate agency world but.. we came here for the solution…

I’m just about to get there.. Jeez!! I thought what if we just took an out of the box third party LMS, in this case Teachable and then created a series of pathway programs for various areas and skills within Property Management. Things like a digital induction program for new staff which shows them how to use the key software and tools of the trade, all the way through to articles and useful information from key government agencies to help the new team member get up to speed with any changes in legislation or regulations.

But that wasn’t enough.. It certainly helped solve the onboarding issue but if you think back to the original request it was more about downloading the impressive resume of the director to help save him time and upskill his hungry team.

So we build a pathway program. We spend a couple of weeks interviewing the boss about all of the key skills and knowledge he used to get to where he is today. Out of this dropped a series of topics. Now we chose to do a combination of media so we did some video interviews, some screen captures talking to some PPT slides and some audio for them to listen to on the way to a property show through or client meeting.

The key learning consideration from us was three-fold:
1. It had to be bite-sized and easy to follow
2. There had to be tangible steps and stages to each program
3. There needed to be some opportunities for the demonstration of knowledge in real-world assessments

Oh, and the platform had to be able to grow and expand.. We only did the Property Management side of things as a proof of concept we had a bucket load of content that we extracted from the director’s skull just waiting to be turned into bite-sized chunks of learning amazingness.

So did it work?

Excellent question! And yes it totally worked. Attrition decreased significantly. To the point where Jasper needed to us to create more courses and programs to keep up with the demand. We went on to build a masterclass course which was a series of snippets and interviews with Jasper about all things from career development, life skills etc. Truly extracting everything we could from his skull. The highlight was receiving feedback from his team members like this one below:

“I love now that when I am driving out to do an open house for a client and I need some motivation, I can log into the portal and play some of the content through my car speakers about how to set up a perfect open home. I am learning from the best in the business and then if I have questions after consuming the content I can reach out and have better chats with my boss.

How could this apply to your business? Well… We have the answer. If you are a business where you or some key staff hold all of the key knowledge, let us come in and help you digitise it so that it’s not lost but shared. You business, your partner and your team will thank you for it 🙂

About the Author Steve

How do you write these things.. Univestity graduate, buys a gym, sells a gym to buy ice cream stores, paddled around the world in his 20's and has been in love with Learning and Development for 10+ years. Oh and he creates RAD Learning & Training solutions for his clients? Oh and he is a super amateur blacksmith, stock and options trader who loves bodysurfing. Hows that? If you want to work with Steve or just want to have a chat,, please reach out via LinkedIn or Learn Awesome :)

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