Project Details:

Client: Australian Clinical Labs
Date: January 2018- Current (the adventure continues)
RAD Solution: 140 process simulations to help boost the accuracy of data entry offshore! Oh and a whole bunch of other stuff, but we know how much you all like numbers 🙂

This project is still going.. we are so close to delivering something amazing that has changed the way ACL train and induct new data entry operators in Malyasia. This project will save ACL a lot of coins, reduce error rates and provide them with a robust and gated training/induction program to grow, scale and win!

Check back soon for the full write up. But a tip for first-time players… Use SIMS very very wisely.. they are not to be messed with!

More to follow 🙂

About the Author Steve

How do you write these things.. Univestity graduate, buys a gym, sells a gym to buy ice cream stores, paddled around the world in his 20's and has been in love with Learning and Development for 10+ years. Oh and he creates RAD Learning & Training solutions for his clients? Oh and he is a super amateur blacksmith, stock and options trader who loves bodysurfing. Hows that? If you want to work with Steve or just want to have a chat,, please reach out via LinkedIn or Learn Awesome :)

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