Project Specs:

Client: Pogue Solutions
Date: September 2019
RAD Solution: Build a digital education portal so Pogue could teach their clients how to look after their own cleaning equipment

Folks, meet Ryan! Ryan is an incredibly talented and crazily fit human… You know those types of people who can rock up to an iron man event with limited training and still crush it. It’s no wonder his business was as cool as he was.

You know those floor sweepers that are in shopping malls, cleaning the streets and sports stadiums. Well, Ryan’s business Pogue Solutions services and maintains these cool pieces of equipment. I got talking to Ryan one afternoon about his business and some of the challenges he and his client faces. One of the key ones being that his mechanics were being called out on service calls to fix things that were so simple and straight forward anyone could do it with the right knowledge. His clients were also not happy with having to spend top dollar on after-hours call-outs for such simple fixes… Up until now, they had no choice. This was how the industry operated.

So I asked a lot of questions and fast forward a couple of coffees and some whiteboard magic and “The Pogue Academy” was created. The concept was simple. Create an online repository of content that could be provided to Ryan’s clients that teach them the basics of machine maintenance. This way if something went wrong the operator could at the very least perform a couple of simple checks and either fix a basic problem themselves or have a more purposeful conversation with Ryan’s mechanics.

The fun didn’t stop there. We looked at other ways that we could add value to the industry and leverage Ryan’s expertise and knowledge to help make the industry better. We helped him make a start on an accredited program that his academy could provide to cleaning contractors around the country. Simply put Pogue Solutions would go to the industry and find out what key areas they feel are lacking when employing cleaning contractors. Ryan and his crew would then go an create the content to solve this challenge and then offer it an industry accreditation through their academy.

Why on earth do that? Excellent question.. Nothing makes you the go-to business than if you are the one that is teaching people the standard. It makes it very hard to copy or replicate and equally difficult to compete against. Ryan was able to go and pitch for work and in addition to servicing their equipment, he now had a pile of educational programs and resources that he could offer in addition to his core offering.

Cool story Steve, but what did you do to help…

Learn Awesome helped with the following:

  • Overall Learning Strategy creation for the Pogue Academy
  • Course and program outlines and objectives for key courses
  • LMS feasibility study and eventual selection and build (we chose Thinkific because Ryan didn’t want the hassle of running his own and liked some of the features)
  • Initial research into the format and program structure of accredited courses
  • Content review and editing
  • Video editing
  • Review of face to face training sessions

Moral of the story for those of you playing along at home…

If you run a service based business and you posess some kind of expertise then using education in any form is an incredible way to diversify your business, build trust and likeability and increase your competitive advantage.

You don’t need to go crazy on custom this and custom that you just need to spend the time to make sure that what you are teaching works and the people that are learning it are engaged and able to have some resources that they can refer to continuously.

If you have some expertise you want to translate into a course or two feel free to reach out and have a chat with us ..

About the Author Steve

How do you write these things.. Univestity graduate, buys a gym, sells a gym to buy ice cream stores, paddled around the world in his 20's and has been in love with Learning and Development for 10+ years. Oh and he creates RAD Learning & Training solutions for his clients? Oh and he is a super amateur blacksmith, stock and options trader who loves bodysurfing. Hows that? If you want to work with Steve or just want to have a chat,, please reach out via LinkedIn or Learn Awesome :)

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