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HOW TO OVERCOME The THREE factors that are standing in the way of you speaking with poise, passion and purpose! 

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Learn the THREE Speaking Factors that are holding you back & more importantly, learn how to fix them!

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How you’re sabotaging your ability to get better at speaking & how you can fix it immediately!

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The Giant Roadblock that’s in the way of your speaking development & how to blast through it!

📣 Factor #3  

How all Public Speaking Courses are focused on the wrong things; leaving you thinking “I’m just  not cut out for speaking” & What you should ACTUALLY be focused on!

Your Host:

Steve Corney

Steve is not your average human. If you wanted to find people who have stared adversity right in the face and pushed forward then Steve is your guy! 

Steve is the Head of Awesome @ Learn Awesome which is a learning consultancy, responsible for building some of the most engaging courses and programs for top companies around the world. 

Steve has also created Speaker Muscle Training and did so a a means of creating a training area so he could refine and enhance his own public speaking and communication skills. Fast forward a few years and you'll find Steve either on a real or digital stage somewhere, paddling his canoe, bodysurfing, working out or trawling the Speaker Nation community looking for other cool people to hang out with!